• Battlefield Series

    by Published on 03-16-2015 09:25 PM
    1. Battlefield Series

    Battlefield Hardline Release Party - 8pm to midnight EST on March 17th

    Tonight @ 3am EST (unless you are using a VPN) kicks off the newest edition to the Battlefield franchise. In celebration of this event we are giving away some =VX9= decals! We have a number of contests. Some will be specific to the release party event but there will also be some ways to win prizes for those unable to make it.

    The following contests can only be won during the event

    Prize: Decal (2 available)
    Rules: If you kill an Officer with your knife and the Officer validates via post in this topic, you will be entered in the drawing for a decal. More validated O shanks = more entries so put those commando skills to work!

    Bagman Down!
    Prize: Decal (2 available)
    Rules: For the enlisted ranks only, take out a Warrant Officer bag carrier and have them confirm the kill in this topic. Both you and the WO will be entered into the drawing but at a 10:1 weight (you get 10 entries, WO gets 1). Only one entry per person on this one but please take out as many WO bagmen as you like

    I Spy
    Prize: Decal (2 available)
    Rules: At 3 random times I will screenshot all players in Alpha Co. TS, those that are caught in the BF Hardline channel will be entered into the drawing. One entry per person per screen shot so your odds increase the longer you stick around!

    Drawings for the contests above will be done via

    For those that can't make the event
    Here are the ways you can win some decals. Everyone welcome to participate here, however! Due to the slow rolling out of release dates internationally, these contests will be available through Monday march 23rd @ 2:59am

    "New" High Score
    Prize: Decal (2 available)
    Rules: Post a screenshot of your highest score in Hotwire and/or Blood Money with each game type having its own decal to be won. Be sure the screenshot includes the gametype in the screen shot (In BF4 this was from the "Scoreboard" tab after match, not sure how it is in BFH). There must be 16 players minimum on the scoreboard for the entry to count.
    **Please replace old screenshots with new ones to reduce the picture loading. Or you can keep your score close to your kevlar vest and spring it on us at the 11th hour! Any tie breaker will go to person with more kills and after that, less deaths.

    Ol' Fashion Raffle
    Prize: Decal (2 available)
    Rules: Pick a number between 1-100. Closest to the numbers wins a decal, any tie breaker goes to lowest of the two numbers.

    Have fun and be sure to watch the first of many BFH Twitch Events on Friday for a chance to win a copy of the game!!!
    by Published on 03-12-2015 10:48 AM
    1. Battlefield Series

    I'm finally back.

    As many of you know, I love RPGs.

    This week we will be playing RPG dodgeball!

    Rules are:
    1. 2 teams
    2. Eliminate the enemy team.
    3. Once the enemy team
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    by Published on 02-08-2015 12:26 PM
    1. Battlefield Series

    Crosshair is Battlefield Hardline’s most hardcore and competitive multiplayer mode. Traditional Conquest, of course, sees big battles with vehicles, exploding skyscrapers, and huge heists, but Crosshair focuses down, amps up the difficulty, and puts everyone at a high level of risk. Nobody respawns when they’re killed, and it makes either hunting or rescuing a VIP that much more challenging.

    Two teams of five face off in standard shooter style. Cops and criminals load up with weapons and gadgets, spawn opposite each other on a map, and attempt to wipe out the other team as quickly as possible – Crosshair’s three-minute timer forces the teams’ hands in that way. Amid all this, a player-controlled VIP has to extract at one of two designated points.

    Even without the presence of vehicles, his police escort means he should, technically, have the advantage -- he’s an extra gunman on the cops’ side, and his heavy-duty pistol can kill a criminal cold in just a couple shots. That said, criminals don’t need to wipe the cops – they just want to kill the snitch the police are protecting before he can get to the escape point and rat them out.

    Stealth becomes a valuable tactic in Battlefield Hardline all of a sudden, and not just because you’re sniping from bushes. Playing as the VIP, I felt vulnerable at all times, but powerful enough to protect myself if a situation went sideways. I hid behind trucks to break sightlines, crouched beneath windows to avoid snipers, and rarely exposed myself on rooftops or ladders. You don’t have to put knife kills ahead of a fast-paced and loud push to the extraction point, though. Flashbangs, frags, and heavy duty guns from the police definitely do the deed. I combined these tactics a lot, too. If my cop friends started making a ruckus, I’d pull back, sneak around, and find a route where nobody was trading bullets. After all, if I’m caught out of position, my lone death earns my entire team a loss.

    VIPs are valuable for cops in other ways, and in ways that de-emphasize sneaking. The VIP can lead police to heavy weapons stashes, allowing them to unload LMGs or explosives on criminals expecting the typical array of laser-sighted rifles. This puts the criminals team in the position of having to pursue their target aggressively. Hiding around a corner or mounting on a rooftop with a sniper rifle both serve as valuable tactics, but if you don’t find the VIP, you don’t win.

    Why wouldn’t you throw a couple firebombs into doorways, or plant proximity explosives along suspected routes?

    Crosshair moves fast, and it functions much different than Battlefield players are used to. Visceral sees it as a competitive mode for Battlefield Hardline; they’re hopeful it’ll catch on in the eSports scene, but hesitant to position it as “the eSports mode.” Regardless, it’s off to a fun start.
    by Published on 02-08-2015 12:23 PM
    1. Battlefield Series

    So We are moving forward into Battlefield hardline in Alpha Co. Guess what we just preordered? Thats Right We now have our very own Battlefield Hardline Server. We went with a 50 man server for now. Which we can upgrade easily if needed.

    No Word on Procon just yet. But as soon as we get word it will be setup..


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