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    by Published on 12-17-2015 11:00 PM
    1. World of Tanks

    It's time for another death race! Come on down this Friday and race, but don't forget to bring your guns! 'Cause, you know....death race.

    We'll give away 2 prizes for the race, which will be across 4 maps. We'll reveal the maps shortly before the race, so no chance to scout it out beforehand.

    As is usual, we'll start at 8 PM EST.

    Our raffle, as always, is here (numbers 1-30). Have fun!
    Congrats to Mike6512 for winning last week's raffle!
    by Published on 12-10-2015 09:20 PM
    1. World of Tanks

    I LIVE!!!

    For now at least, anyways. Now that DancingBulldawg and I have resettled in Cincinnati (and have internet back. Hooray!), I need to get my tanker's reflexes back. What better way to do this than have everyone in our DBF gunning for me? Plus, it's fun for you guys because you get to pick on me and win stuff for it!

    Here's what's gonna happen: As usual, we'll all meet at 8 PM EST-ish and start the fun. We'll kinda play this like a drop-in night of sorts, only I'm not gonna tell you what tank I'm playing. Keep in mind, though, it'll be a tank that you all will see in your matchmaking spread, but it's gonna be a surprise as to what. As we tool around in-game, if one of you lucky tankers manages to kill me in-game, you win a prize! I'm gonna make you work for it, though, so it's not gonna be easy.

    We'll be handing out a couple prizes during the event, and we've also got our usual forum raffle.

    This week's raffle range is 20-50. Hope to see you at the event, too!!!

    IMPORTANT: If you have won a prize during DBF in the past 3 weeks, please send me a PM with the date you won your prize on, and what you won. This way, I can make sure my database is correct and that everything is submitted correctly.

    by Published on 10-29-2015 07:13 PM
    1. World of Tanks

    Since it's so close to Halloween, I figured we could make for an interesting challenge. This weekend's event is taking a couple of our older events, mashing them together, and making a half-decent Frankenstein's monster. This week we're hunting the Phantom, ...
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    by Published on 10-08-2015 08:31 PM
    1. World of Tanks

    Sorry about the late post, everyone. Been fighting a bad sinus headache, among other things. Since I'm gonna have to go pick the wife character up from the airport tomorrow afternoon, I'm not gonna be here. guys get to pick whatcha wanna play. =D

    As always, we'll start at 8 PM EST, and have 2 prizes up for grabs then. Our forum raffle is still here (numbers 1-30, please).

    Will post the winner in a moment. Gotta go to my RNG and get us a winner.
    by Published on 10-01-2015 08:32 PM
    1. World of Tanks

    Time to go hunting for your leaders, Zulu! Since Wargramps was recently announced as the new Competition XO, it's time to to the thing we normally do when that happens - shoot their tanks to pieces!

    Basically, this weekend is another drop-in night, but with one major difference - the bounties are already predetermined. You can win prizes if you manage to kill one of the following people in the night's festivities:

    Wargramps (especially him. Gotta make him feel welcome in his new position, after all.)

    If you win a bounty, you will have a choice of your payout: one (1) random Game Code -or- one (1) two-pack of =VX9= Post Cards.

    Once again, we'll start at 8 PM EST. For those who can't make it, as usual we have out forum raffle. Numbers 100-150 this time.

    Congrats to Cyborg for winning last week's raffle!
    by Published on 09-17-2015 08:28 PM
    1. World of Tanks

    It's time for a weekend of BLAPPING! Bring your guns and let's get to it!

    I've headed back to our discussion thread and mined up some events and bring some more life and shininess to our DBF roster. This is a new event that is going to be tested, so if you want to take part in tweaking, balancing and testing a potential DBF event, then be sure to be here.
    The event comes courtesy of MagenShae, originally titled "balls to the wall". Here's how it works: A handful (read: many) of light tanks will head down the very middle of the map on Karelia in a race to see who can survive the gauntlet. Why survive? Because there will be snipers on the ridge, looking to hunt down any tanks they see. How do you win? Well, finish the gauntlet and (if more than one of you survive) have the most health remaining by the end of it to earn points. At the end of the night, the two people with the most points will win!

    We will start this at 8 PM EST, and will be hammering this event out as long as it takes. Remember, all suggestions are welcome once we start testing. Anything that helps make it better.

    Oh. Forum raffle. 1-40. Go.

    Congrats to Snakeman442 for winning last week's raffle!!!!!!!
    by Published on 09-10-2015 08:13 PM
    1. World of Tanks

    Since we didn't get to give this a go, let's try it again! This week we're playing the WoT version of I Spy. Kind of like the real life version, only with more 'Splosions™.

    I Spy plays interestingly. In a twisted game of hide-and-seek, a team of 3 tier 6s (one scout, 2 TDs or arty_) go hunting on a map to try and find a team of low-tier tanks. The team gets points based on kills. Whichever team performs the best at the end of the night wins the prizes for the evening.

    As always, we have prizes to give away during the event. The best performing team will each win something, of course, so no worries there.

    We start at 8 PM EST, so bring the fun!

    Also, raffle time!

    Numbers 30-60, please.

    Congrats to the following people in winning the WoT gift cards from our mystery donor:



    I will be sending you your $25 WoT Gift Codes soon, guys! Congrats!
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