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    by Published on 04-23-2015 03:00 PM
    1. Star Citizen



    – No Empire Report this week.


    – Free-fly for racing ships ends tomorrow.

    – Go to the forums, let them know what ships we want to fly next.

    – Alpha 1.1.2 has a tutorial mode, sets the stage for Star Marine.

    – Lots of backend work going into this – they’re getting the servers ready, and there’ll be another stress test in the future.

    – Tutorial mode is great. Teaches new backers how to fly.

    – Happy Birthday, Ben!


    Santa Monica – Darian Vorlick with Eric Kieron Davis

    – Eric is a new Senior Producer

    – Working on Shotgun implementation in the studio.

    – Shotgun is a resource management tool for ships and such.

    – Ploughing ahead with the Hull series; Calix is working on it, and it should be showcasable soon.

    – That’s it for this week.

    Illfonic – David Langeliers and Chuck Brungardt

    – They’ve been focusing on Sataball a lot lately because it’s the proving ground for everything they’re doing with zero-g movement.

    – Working on a lot ...
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    by Published on 04-21-2015 08:35 PM
    1. Star Citizen


    We will be meeting in Nova Company TS at 11pm EST on Friday for a little racing fun!

    We have a total of five races planned, each with their own ship class depending on who has what.
    Expect it to run for about an hour.

    The participants and winners will be put into a drawing for 1x Game Code and 1x Decal!

    For each race a member participates in, they will get 1 entry into the drawing with 1st and 2nd place getting a couple more entries.
    The number of tickets will be broken down like this:
    1st Place: 3 Entries
    2nd: 2 Entries
    All others: 1 Entry

    The member with the most entries will be crowned the Nova Company Racing Champion!

    For those of you who can't make it there will be a...
    The winner get's 1x decal, so post up a number between 50-70!
    Closest number wins, with any tie breaker going to the lowest of the two numbers.

    by Published on 04-20-2015 02:55 PM
    1. Star Citizen

    For those wanting some LTI upgrade options.



    Sale starts 4/24

    Hull A - $60 USD
    Hull B - $90 USD
    Hull C - $200 USD
    Hull D - $350 USD
    Hull E - $550 USD
    by Published on 04-16-2015 04:32 PM
    1. Star Citizen

    Notes courtesy on Nehkara (INN):

    Ben, Alexis, Disco Lando are not around, are at at Star Wars celebration

    Surprise guests on the show today

    New Star Wars trailer!

    How is REC doing for ship testing?

    REC allows CIG to hold flash sales and steer testing in certain ways, still working on balance, extremely beneficial, hard part is that no one uses weak weapons, use that info to test, can give incentives to use weapon, find out why its underpowered

    When will the sword and crossbow be in?

    Not at launch, guest can answer it better

    Pete Mackeys birthday!

    Balancing: Stay Tuned, dont wanna give everything away, balance update coming in next weeks ATV

    people in chats are saying don’t spoil ATV, team is confused why

    Faces are being worked on, don’t look great right now, will be key focus over the next few weeks

    Broadcast and stream them watching ATV at the same time? Hennesy thinks its a good idea

    maybe rewatch classic episodes, do commentary on it

    1.1.2 does not have ETA, is the next update

    Star Wars trailer is awesome! Hennessy cried a little ...
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    by Published on 04-16-2015 02:35 PM
    1. Star Citizen

    Notes by Erris (INN)

    – $79 million – congratulations, everyone!

    – Star Citizen Alpha 1.1.1 is out, and it’s what we’re officially calling it now. Chris’ Letter from the Chairman from last Friday explains the new naming system. 1.1.1 also includes basic multicrew – If you land on a platform in free-flight, you can get out and man the turret of another ship. People have gotten as many as 3 or 4 people into cutlasses as well.

    – Pick up a Super hornet or Gladiator this weekend as well.

    – People are asking a lot about gameplay balance, REC balance, and Auroras. None of it is final; it will swing back and forth as they go forward.

    – Design Post on FPS breathing – the idea of having to think about breathing when you’re firing weapons is great.

    3:00 – Spectrum Dispatch

    Santa Monica – with Darian Vorlick and Lisa Ohanian

    – Finishing the concept on the Hull series. It’s the next concept sale we’ll be seeing.

    – Finishing up their character pipeline, making ...
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    by Published on 04-14-2015 02:41 PM
    1. Star Citizen


    This Friday we are going to reattempt a Battle Royale, and whoever wins is going to be crowned the Battle Royale Champion of Nova Company! (For the Month)
    For those of you who are lost, last Friday RSI decided to launch a patch that pretty much broke matchmaking. Hopefully we have better luck this time!

    When: Friday April 17th @ 11pm EST
    Where: Nova Company TS

    We'll be doing exactly what @Dunkelschatten posted in the last week's DBF. We'll run 5 private matches (or up to 90 min) and see who has the highest cumulative score at the end.
    Prize will be a =VX9= decal!

    This is a perfect chance for you new guys to shake off the training wheels and get settled in! I'll see you all in space!

    Just like last week, we will be holding the raffle as well!

    Two prizes this week as well, one game code and one decal. Pick a number between 10-30.
    Closest number wins with any tie breaker going to the lowest of the two numbers.

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