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    This week's DBF is something a little special. To celebrate the New snow Biomes and additions to ark We are going to have ourselves a 2 day deer hunt. The event will run from 12 noon Central Time (1pm EST/ 10 PST) and run till midnight Saturday night Central time (1am EST/ 10pm PST).

    To Win:
    1st- Highest number of points on a single deer (level). Tie will go to the person with the 2 highest point deer and so on until a winner is chosen.
    2nd- person who gets the second highest point deer.

    Highest number (not level just body count) of deer killed during the weekend event will also get a prize.

    Proof of kills shall be taken by screenshot and uploaded into a Imgur album (We can help with setting this up). At the end of the event post links to the albums here for the judges to tally up the results.

    The rules.... there always has to be rules.
    1. Hunting must be done within the snow biome. (clearly marked by the white fluffy cold stuff on the ground)
    2. No dinos/animals can be used to hunt said deer or be in the hunting grounds. (dinos must be left at the hunting lodge location)
    3. No explosives for hunting the deer but any weapon may be used.
    4. No hunting within the area of the hunting lodges is permitted or around bases in the region.
    5. Take Caution as their are hostile dinos in the area.
    6. Teamwork may be used but the Death message will be the judge on who can claim the kill.
    7. No stealing kills or killing fellow hunters.

    As Always The Raffle Choose a number between 0-100 and the winner will be chosen when we post the winners of the DBF.
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    Fellow =VX9= Members, I would like to welcome you to join in on our newest addition of a 40 slot Ark: Survival Evolved dedicated server.
    Our community members
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