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    by Published on 02-16-2017 08:45 PM
    1. World of Tanks

    This week for DBF we will be doing Freeze Tag! Basically one or two people ( depending on how many playing) in tier 5s will be the taggers. There job is to bump into the runners who are in tier 3s. The runners wil be frozen until another runner unfreezes them. It plays similiar to the schoolyard game we all played as little kids!

    We will start at 8 pm EST.

    Raffle numbers are 45-70.
    by Published on 09-26-2015 01:11 PM

    Every year around this time, the activity across =VX9= increases and zulu company is no exception. Zulu company has been booming in size and is constantly getting bigger. With the rapid increase in size and the potential to grow larger in the near future, we will be bringing back the 2 xo system to Zulu Company.

    Lothior has done a great job as xo and he will continue to do a great job as administrative xo. Joining him on the team will be Wargramps as our new competition xo. He has already done a great job as director of both strongholds and competitions.

    I have complete confidence that he will continue to make us proud!

    Keep up the great work!

    One Team!
    by Published on 06-04-2015 03:31 PM

    As Zulu company newest CO, it is my job to choose an XO. Zulu company is a large and growing division making two XOs needed. I already have one great XO in Capt.rux=VX9= who has been a great help as our competition xo and I am certain he will continue to make us proud.

    It is my great honor to announce SSgt.Lothior=VX9= as our new administrative xo for zulu company. In his time here he has been the assistant clan war director, recruiter, publicity,
    As well as helped with countless special projects within Zulu. In addition he helps with countless department within the community.

    He so far has made us proud and I am sure he will continue to do a great job.

    Make us proud!

    One Team!
    by Published on 04-25-2015 09:27 AM
    1. World of Tanks

    Over the past week, =VX9= represented in the world of tanks, Grand final countdown tournament. This was a large tournament containing 1473 teams.

    We had 5 teams of 5 that participated in this huge tournament. This is the most teams we have ever had sign up for one wargaming event, and for this alone I am very proud as this is a huge accomplishment: 25 =VX9= members in one world of tank tournament.

    All of our teams did well. Each team had good days and bad. We faced stiff competition and some of our teams even beat top ranked clans such as relic, narwl, and many teams with top players.

    All teams placed in the top 80% meaning that all teams placed high enough to win prizes.

    Team 1 finished in the top 41-50% earning them 6000 gold and an fcm36pac40 each

    Team 2 snuck into the top 51-60% winning them 3000 gold each

    Team 3 and 4 both fell in the top 61-70% earning 1250 gold each.

    Team 5 finished in the top 71-80 earning 500 gold each

    Also all teams will earn per player 5 large repair kits, 5 large first aid kits, and 5 automatic fire extuinshers

    Team 1: =VX9= Rux, CharlieTriGuy, Kuazi, ace1o2, Croockers47

    Team 2: =VX9= Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Squad Clunas, General_Hyde, pancake_pirate, DOA_der_geist, mike6512

    Team 3: =VX9= Renegade Recruiters Dancingbulldawg, Guitarzan, Wargramps, Lothior, bbonniol

    Team 4: =VX9= Thunder Tankers GTRB (Chaozvenom), Faugh_a_Ballagh, GeneralMalice (stormsblade), NorthernDrifter, mrpopn

    Team 5: =VX9= Noobs R Us RedneckCasanova, JimboS87, strobe1965, Rahkshi, lbpunn

    Congrats guys on a job well done this way! Way to represent!


    by Published on 03-21-2015 05:05 AM
    1. World of Tanks

    We will be having an in house tournament on Saturday March 21st starting at 7 pm EST.

    This will be a tier 5 tournament to ensure everyone can participate if they want.

    (Please note, you must have signed up to participate as I will need to be able to set the tournament up. )

    Sign Up is now closed! Anyone that didnt sign up is of course welcome to ...
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