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    by Published on 04-29-2015 07:46 PM
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    Want to show the developers of Battlefield Hardline who really owns the streets? Throw down in the “Game With Devs” event starting this week.

    On April 30 and ...
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    by Published on 04-25-2015 03:40 PM     Number of Views: 588 

    I want to start off by thanking all those who sent kind words and well wishes. I also want to thank all those who stepped up in my absence. I have always believed that this community is something special. This past month you guys have definitely showed why it is special. For all who dont know I had a serious medical issue that almost took my life at 3 different times while I was in the Hospital. I had an infection that went septic and tried to kill me. Thankfully I had great doctors who were able to save my life with emergency surgery. while in Surgery my kidneys failed. Thank God they were able to save my life . While in ICU I had a problem while incubated that almost took my life as well. Again thanks to some really great ICU nurses and doctors I am here and able to write this post.

    It has been almost a month of being in a hospital. All i can say is yes the food sucks and its good to be home. My strength still isnt at 100%. I am however back in the swing of things.

    I again want to thank everyone for proving why this place is so special . Many out there may not understand what we mean by ONE TEAM! But I have seen it over and over. We are truly a special group .

    Now projects. We will return to action on those soon. Let me get acclimated and also get a little more strength and we will address all pending projects we were fixing to work on before my absence. I know many of you sent me Pm of interest. I saved all of them and we will get back to you soon...

    I am happy to be back. as usual if you need something PM , Steam, Email, TS . Hit me up!

    by Published on 04-23-2015 11:23 PM

    Friday, it's finally here. I don't need to tell you that you should have already stocked up for DBF this week. From brown baggin' it to brandy, grab your drink of choice and join our events this week!

    Alpha Company

    No intel on this event yet.

    India Company

    It's Reign of Kings this week, the event is Damsel in Distress. NatGarro will have captured the damsel (Shreeden). The remaining players will attempt to rescue the princess, gathering any resources and building supplies needed. The MVP of the match and the person who rescues the princess take home the loot! For more info or to enter the raffle, check out their DBF topic.

    Nova Company

    This week Nova is looking to find it's DBF racing champion! With a total of 5 races to take place among different classes of ship, start those engines and pull some Gs. Event starts @ 11pm EST, check out the Nova DBF topic for more info or to enter their raffle.

    Omega Company

    Paintball again this week! Meet in [REDACTED] at 9:30pm EST with sporters and trumpets. They'll be running the contest in tournament style with team sizes depending on number of entrants. The usual rules apply so if you haven't played before, check out the DBF topic where you can find more info and enter their raffle.

    Phoenix Company

    It will be a defense fleet for Phoenix unless a CTA is announced. Form up at the usual spot @ 7:30pm EST and be ready to battle. With an increase in red activity, keep an eye on the DBF topic for any updates. Clean pods always a good idea.

    Thunder Company

    Two events for Thunder this week! First event is a single elimination bi-plane tournament using tier 1 planes. After that it'll be a death race using tier 2 medium tanks. More details and suggested garage line up posted in the DBF topic where you can also enter their raffle.

    Zulu Company

    With such a great turnout for the WoT tournament this week, Zulu is going to host a drop in night starting 8pm EST. So grab your drink, pick a tank and launch some chunks of metal at some friends! For more info or to enter the raffle, check out the Zulu DBF topic.


    We have 3 prizes to win this week: 1x game code and 2x Decals
    Guess a number between 1-100. Numbers closest to allocated prize will win, tie breaker goes to lowest of the two numbers.

    by Published on 04-16-2015 09:47 PM
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    No better time to bond as a community than during DBF. So grab your favorite beverage of choice and join us in one of the many events running this week.

    Alpha Company

    This one looks fun boys and girls, Alpha is playing Taser-tag this week! The game is simple, person with most non lethal kills wins! No grenades, ...
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    by Published on 04-14-2015 07:48 AM
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    Both teams can use Tasers (T62-CEW) only, person with the most "non-lethal" kills wins.
    No knives, grenades, or other weapons allowed.

    This will be done on a tight map like Block, Bank ...
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    by Published on 04-09-2015 10:31 PM
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    Another Friday here at last. Go grab your favorite beverage and join us for another night full of events and prizes!

    Alpha Company

    It's Clay Pigeon this DBF for Alpha. If you aren't familiar with this game by now, one player is the designated target and the remaining players will attempt to kill said target. Each ...
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