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    by Published on 05-28-2015 11:35 PM

    Another Friday is upon us. Grab your adult beverage(s) of choice and get in on some great events this week!

    Alpha Company

    CLENCH IT, SNIPER - The Sniper will be the highest ranking General, Officer or NCO in the game. You knife the sniper, you get a point and if you counter-knife the sniper you get two points! Player with the most points at the end of the event wins the prize (game code). Event will run from 7pm EST through 11pm EST, check out the DBF topic for more info or to enter their raffle.

    India Company

    ARMA WASTELAND - Players will have 2 hours to rack up as many kills (player & AI) as they can, event starts at 9pm EST. Winner will receive a game code and runner up, a decal. To enter the raffle for India, go to the DBF Topic.

    Nova Company

    RACE NIGHT - The crown is up for grabs again this week, who will claim it? Starting at 11pm EST there will be a series of 5 races with points assigned for winning (3), runner up (2) and all others (1). Player with most points at the end of the event will be the racing champion! Check out the Nova DBF topic for more info or to enter their raffle.

    Omega Company

    SAVING THE LOST SOULS - An infectious disease is spreading around [REDACTED] and it's up to you to save people from this new plague. At 9:30pm EST, your job is to save as many new spawns as possible. Working in teams of two, bring as many new spawns from [REDACTED] to [REDACTED]. Bonus point for geared players. Check out the DBF topic where you can find more info and enter their raffle.

    Phoenix Company

    WORMHOLE EXPLORATION - Now that they're moved in, Phoenix is checking out their new digs. At 7:30pm EST, join them for some fun exploring their static as well as entrances/exits. All kinds of sites will be run so join in and cash in! Check out their DBF topic for more info or to enter their raffle.

    Thunder Company

    KING OF THE AIR / ONE TEAM - Thunder will kickoff their DBF @ 9:30pm EST with King of the Air. Randomly assigned teams of tier 3 planes or lower will battle it out. Following this, from DBF through Monday, post a pic of you fighting alongside your =VX9= Brothers & Sisters. For more info or to enter the raffle to Thunder, check out the DBF topic.

    Zulu Company

    DEATH RACE - At 8pm EST come check out a revamped Death Race. To enter their raffle, check out the Zulu DBF topic.


    We have 3 prizes to win again this week: 2x game codes and 1x decal
    Guess a number between 1-100. Numbers closest to allocated prize will win, tie breaker goes to lowest of the two numbers.

    by Published on 05-25-2015 07:36 AM

    Today I want us all to remember ALL those Heros who Served in the Military and made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can all continue to live free.

    I know we have all had someone in our lives that made this sacrifice . Today I want us all to give thanks for these men and women A.

    If you will Please post up the name of Someone in your life that made this sacrifice . As a way to show respect and remembrance. To me this is the best way for =VX9= as a community to Show our love on memorial day by remembering them.

    Army Sgt.Robert Arizola
    He died in Iraq when a IED hit the HMV he was in . He died on June 8th 2005.
    He was a a Friend and brother, And made the Ultimate sacrifice.
    by Published on 05-21-2015 10:56 PM
    Article Preview

    Monday is a day of remembrance for all of the fallen heroes that answered their call to duty. For many of you this day isn't just a Federal holiday but a special day to remember those family members and friends who paid the highest cost while serving the country. On this DBF, please take moment to salute all former and current members of the armed services. ...
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    by Published on 05-20-2015 02:26 PM

    I want to start off by saying that this promotion is well deserved. Shreeden has gone above and beyond. I have given him projects and assignments and he has yet to let me down. He has quickly found his way into different departments. He is a great example as are the many others of How hard work in our community pays off. We do our best to dole out recognition. Wether it be with awards or rank. Anyone who wants to be an officer can be some day. First you have to get involved. After that =VX9= Is what you make of it.

    Congrats 2Lt.Shreeden=VX9=

    =VX9= Salute!
    Commanding Officer of =VX9=
    by Published on 05-20-2015 09:16 AM

    When we first talked about our Social progress project we knew we had to break it up into different areas. Doing this gave our community for opportunities for our membership to get involved . The great thing about =VX9= is that its built by its members, Maintained by its members and Loved by its members. Its this love that has kept us here for almost 15 years and its that same love that will have us here for 15 more.

    Nothing is possible without the support and effort of our great community members. It is you the =VX9= Family that makes it happen. The beauty of it all is that it isn't about one person. We aren't compromised by just a CO or a Couple wanting to pat themselves on the back at others effort. No we are a community with many many people involved in the day in and day out of what =VX9= is. This is why I myself am so passionate about this community. It is greater then one person and it is truly an awesome thing to be a part of. I have always said =VX9= is what you make of it. That continues to be true till this day.

    Now lets get to the Where we are at now with Social progress. The objective of this was to create More openings for people to get involved. For more of our members to step up and gain a feeling of ownership when it comes to =VX9=. So we created a few new departments to help with this project and we will be creating more in the near future. I also encourage you all to send me a pm if you have any ideas that can help create more for our great community and its membership.

    OIC: Ltc.Von Reinthaler=VX9=

    The ART department isn't a new dept, But it is in relaunch. I am excited to see this as it puts our Signature Program back on line for all our members to enjoy. Von and his staff are ready to serve. So please visit them and put in a request for a new signature if you need one. They are also taking other art request so go see this team and see what they can do for you. I have complete confidence that Von and his team will be able to fill your Art needs.


    The Podcast team will be working hard to put out some great monthly episodes for our community to enjoy. They will have great content from Community topics to great gaming and tech advice and info. This team is hard at work Right now in its efforts to get Episode out and ready for a July 4th Launch. Keep your eyes on the forums for Updates and hopefully a couple of teasers for all of us to enjoy before Episode 1 launches.


    The Newsletter team Will also be bringing you a Monthly Edition of news. This team will bring you detailed articles with subjects from Gaming to Some more in depth community reports and interviews with members. This team of reporters will be busy in entertaining us all . They too have a ambitious launch date for Launch of July 4th. Keep your eyes peeled for a Intro Article on the news letter. We are all looking forward to it.

    : 2Lt.Shreeden=VX9=

    The Push is a social project like no other. This project is part publicity , part recruitment and part Crazy. I don't want to let the cat out of the bad for the world to see. What I will say is we still need more people to help with this project. So if you are interested in what has already been mentioned Please send Shreeden a PM and CC me for good measure.

    YouTube Team:

    We are still staffing this department. This department will be creating different Commercials and other video projects We will be doing in the future. We have a special project in line for it already. If you are interested please Hit me up.

    In the near future we will be opening other departments which will need staff and some leadership. In the mean time all of the departments listed can still use some staff. So if you are interested in any of the above please Pm the OIC for that Dept and CC me for good measure. The purpose of all this is two fold. First its about creating more content for all our members to enjoy, But also to create more for everyone. We want to ensure that we provide a place for all to not just hang out and play games but also a place where if you want to get involved the opportunity is present. If you want to move up in rank there is a clear path for it. We understand that this community is built and run by its membership so it is our responsibility to continue to push forward and provide for all.

    I want to also express Many thanks to all who stepped up in my absence. For those that don't know I was out of the picture for a month . I was hospitalized with a pretty serious issue. Which nearly took my life. I have been here for 14 years and the Co of =VX9= for 12. When I was hospitalized Something I Already knew would take place did, and it proved why this community is so great. I Want to also say thank you to those of you who stayed in touch with my wife for updates and to Those who went above and beyond. I will never forget and always be grateful.

    One piece of the puzzle was missing but it didn't stop this community from moving forward. That is what we have worked so hard to build. The fact that Yes we may lose a piece here and there , Yet we still continue to succeed and move forward. Obviously We would hate to lose a CO But if we did There are so many great members at so many different levels that step up and ensure that our community will not just be here today but be here for another 15 years. I can honestly say that if I had left this world. I would leave Knowing that the community i have helped build and put so much time into. The community I truly love would be here for another 15 years and then some. This community has truly been blessed with some talented, motivated and loyal members. This is what makes us so great. This is the missing ingredient that so many other clans and communities don't understand. We don't build around one person , We build around our community and its members. This is why at the end of the day So many of us consider each other family. Again I want to thank everyone that stepped up in my absence. Lets hope I never come anywhere close to the situation i found myself in for the whole month of April, But if i ever do I know my =VX9= family will have my back! I know My =VX9= Family will still be here whether i am gone a month, a year or 10 years. We Continue to Stand because we continue to Understand whats important!

    =VX9= Salute!
    Al Ibarra
    Commanding Officer of =VX9=
    by Published on 05-14-2015 11:15 PM
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    Friday is back, if school isn't out for you will be soon. All the working stiffs are SOL, but don't despair! Relief is here, grab a drink and join one of the great events running this week, so check 'em out.

    Alpha Company

    No intel on this event yet.

    India Company

    It's ArmAgeddon this week, ...
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    by Published on 05-08-2015 11:15 AM

    I want to thank every single one of you. You have continued to show great support and loyalty for this great community. As Officers we have a great responsibility to ensure that our community continues to be all it can be. You have all done great and have made us all proud. You have more then earned your promotions.




    Ltc.Von Reinthaler=VX9=




    Thank You for all you do!

    =VX9= Salute!
    Commanding Officer of =VX9=

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