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    by Published on 02-20-2020 04:52 PM

    Start Time: 8 PM EST (Pre-game/Companies)
    9 PM EST (Community Event)

    Welcome back, everyone!

    This post marks the return of Drunken Battle Friday! To mark our return, we're going to focus on DBF as a community this week, but with pickup games still available. We'll get back in the full swing of company-focused events on the 28th, but we're glad to have everyone back!

    Community DBF Event

    This week, we're going to be doing a large Cards Against Humanity game! It's open to everyone in the community, and the details can be found here:

    For this special Community Event, we will have a new prize up for grabs: a new =VX9= t-shirt! Want to have a shot at winning this cool prize! Show up at 9 PM EST to get in on the action! All details on how to join are linked in the above post.

    Company Events

    With this week's focus being primarily on getting together as a community, we have not set any dedicated events for this week. However, each company can set up pickup games or lounges if Cards Against Humanity is not your cup of tea....or beer.....or whatever you're drinking. Company-specific prizes will be awarded in the form of OTC, and I will also set up some forum raffles for you to participate in for those who can't make it. If you wish to set up a company lounge or host some pickup games for your company the night of the event, please talk to me on TS and I will get you the prize info accordingly. Everyone will have a shot at prizes.

    Final Notes

    We are happy to have you all back! We're excited to be bringing back a =VX9= tradition, and are looking forward to getting back into things full-swing! However, these events don't run themselves, and we would appreciate volunteers. If you have a creative mind and want to help coordinate your Company's DBF events, please contact me or your CO/XO, and we can get you started! Since we're starting back, we're still waking up the old guard, so anyone who would like to help is VERY appreciated.

    Start time is at the top of the post. Raffle is below. Will see you all there!!!


    This week's prize is a simple prize of 25 OTC. Numbers for the raffle are 1-45.
    Please post your number below, and the winner will be drawn by Sunday!
    by Published on 02-17-2020 05:10 PM


    YOU HEARD IT HERE, FOLKS! Drunken Battle Friday has been down and out for a while, but we're back! Papers have been shuffled, the bar has been polished, and it's time to re-open! We'll start swinging this Friday, with the return of prizes, games, community raffles, and a whole host of new stuff! It's not going to be dropped on you all at once, mind you, but we're gonna get this party started again!

    Wait, what's that? Some of you don't know what DBF is? Well, allow me to explain. See, we've had this event for a while, but it kinda disappeared for a while. You see, every Friday we used to get together with our respective companies, play whatever silly games or contests we came up with for that week, shoot the breeze, and get free stuff (prizes)! It's something we've been sorely needing lately, and we're now bringing it back in full swing!

    Oh. Speaking of, if you're interested in helping out with planning your company's Drunken Battle Friday, drop either your company's CO/XO or myself a line, and we'll get you in the right direction.

    Bring on the beer, folks, 'cause this revival will be great!

    Official post with the company events will be posted by Wednesday, 2/19 with this week's details. Stay tuned!

    by Published on 01-17-2020 01:07 PM

    We do our best to provide a home for all that come in through our doors. It takes our life blood to keep this world going. You all are the life blood that keeps us alive. Thank you!

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    Postal Psychosis

    =VX9= Salute!
    Commanding Officer of =VX9=
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    It has been a while since we had a Lt.Promotion. Our Officer ranks as of late have been harder to get into. It takes a special individual to really shine and show us he deserves ...
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    Thank you for your continued dedication and loyalty to our community.

    Alpha Company

    =VX9= Salute!
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    by Published on 10-29-2019 10:43 AM

    I want to thank you all for your continued dedication to our great community. Our #s may not be as big and strong as years past but we are of great quality.

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