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    by Published on 02-16-2017 02:30 PM

    =VX9= Community Podcast
    Episode 3

    Welcome to the =VX9= podcast!
    Join Dano, Breech, and Rovzus as they introduce the 3rd podcast!
    This episode we have special segments submitted by Lurkinwilli and Waka.
    First we'll check in with Lurkin' for a special interview about Elite Dangerous,
    then we'll stop in with Waka to hear from a few members who are playing on the new =VX9= Minecraft Server!
    Last but certainly not least, Dano interviews Ripper, the general of =VX9=!

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    One Team!

    Published on 10-20-2016 08:40 PM

    Join us for our second =VX9= podcast! This time we have Waka, Dancingbulldog, Dano, Rovzus, and a special segment featuring Mac! In this episode we have interviews with both Dancing and Waka to check up on Zulu and Omega. We then discuss a few games coming this month and finally Waka has a chat with Mac about the state of Vanguard Company. Episode 2 - 10/20/2016
    Published on 07-15-2016 08:07 AM

    Fireseal, Dano, and Rovzus discuss the first =VX9= podcast, the new Gaming Directory in PRISM, and touch over the newest and most recent games that have been released and divisions tied to them. Dano catches up with Shreeden to find out about the new Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator.

    Episode 1 - 7/15/2016

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