• DBF 06/03/2016 "Infected!"

    Drunken Battle Friday (06/03/2016) Kicking off at 10Est and ending at 12Est.
    During this week's Drunken Battle Friday we will be putting our on twist on the
    Infected game mode in Halo. We will start the match with one player in a high
    tier B.R. tank which will but the Hunter. The other team comprised of those being
    "Hunted" will be all other attendees in reserve tanks. The Hunted team members
    when killed will switch teams and become a Hunter bringing in there highest B.R.
    or best tanks. The map will be a dark simulator map so that hiding will be key to
    the survival of the Hunted. Prizes will be given out based on performance or raffled
    off during the event.
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