• DBF 05/20/2016 Wing Touch!!!

    Drunken Battle Friday (05/20/2016) Kicking off at 10Est
    This week's Drunken Battle Friday will consist of Team Killing and Aerial Acrobatics.
    The first match of the evening will consist of up to 4.0 planes in an infected style game mode.
    The Infected team will start with 2 players and will ram the other teams players infecting them 1 by 1.
    After they are killed they will return to hanger and switch to the infected team. Last man standing wins.
    We will play 2 matches of this game mode and then for the remainder of the evening we will fool around
    doing aerial acrobatics. After the first two matches one prize per match will be awarded based on
    performance. The last prize will be raffled at the end of the event in Teamspeak.
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