• DBF 5/13/16: Death Race 2.0 - New Stuff, More Fun

    It's that time again, Zulu. But like I said last week, there's a format change to my usual posts. Bear in mind this is an experimental layout, and is
    subject to change. But for the most part, information will be laid out the same way. Everything has its own section, so if you're only looking for one thing,
    find the appropriate header and skip there.

    Drunken Battle Friday - May 13th
    Death Race 2.0

    20:00 EST (8 PM EST)
    Ends: 22:30 EST (10:30 PM EST)

    Death Race 2.0: Same Game, But Better

    I've been back on the whiteboard doing some revisions to our staples. Death Race as it stood was rather clunky in execution. It definitely needed a bit of work. So that's what I did. The core game hasn't changed - you race across 4 maps, competing for points and the first place prize. You get to try and keep other people from doing that. There are still hazards and surprises. The races are still derpy. But there have been a few improvements made to the game to create a more chaotic atmosphere.

    If you want to read the changes, look below. If not, feel free to skip below the lines.


    Hazard Rebalance - before, most people knew that there were people in high-tier tanks that would try to upset the race balance. But other than just being a general nuisance (and the occasional one-shot from an emplaced gun), the hunter tanks really didn't do much. Now it's a little bit different. There are still big gun emplacements on certain maps, and they will take the form of large-caliber turrets like E-100s or indirect-fire things like arty. But there won't be near as many as there were previously. Now most of the gun emplacements will be smaller autocannon vehicles who will spray shells in a general direction upon contact. Additionally, most road hazards have been removed. Since the new physics create a big enough problem already, these extra road hazards felt a bit redundant. Why the streamlining? Well, we needed to pave the way for something bigger...

    The Hunter - Yup. It's been narrowed down to one. But don't let that fool you; it's a lot meaner. After the start of the second lap, the hunter will be unleashed from its lair and will actively hunt down racers. But it's not just a ramming game anymore. This hunter has teeth. Big teeth. When the hunter closes on its prey, it will start shooting to kill. Don't try to outrun it, either. The hunter will usually be in a light tank designed to keep up with the racers, so you have to think carefully about finding yourself on your own. The trade-off here is that racers can now shoot the hunter and try to kill it before it does too much damage. There's even an incentive for it: get a Takedown on a hunter and you earn yourself anywhere from 3-5 bonus ranking points! That could sling you into that coveted first place! It won't be easy though - you won't be able to do it yourself. You'll need some meat shiel--er....guns nearby to help.

    Wider Maps - We've loosened the boundaries on the maps for you. Now you don't have to follow an exact path to get there, so long as you follow a general path to get there. This was to accommodate for the new Hunter mechanic, as well as create a more dynamic race and eliminate some chokepoints. There are still areas that are a no-go, and those will be clearly marked, but you should find your racing experience more enjoyable.

    No Random Guns - Because of the increase of potential hazards, as well as the Hunter, we've now removed the 'random fire' mechanic. In the old Death Race, I would assign random people to shoot at specific times. This ended up being more of a hassle and a lot of people complained. So we've done away with that now. I mean, with the new physics, the Hunter, and more useful hazards, people are still going to die en-masse, so you're still going to get your carnage.

    Event Prizes
    As is our usual, we have two prizes to give out during the event itself. The prizes in question are two game codes from the =VX9= vault. I have no idea what they are, and they're completely random, so you never know what you'll get. But hey, everyone loves free games, right? One will be guaranteed for the first place winner. Depending on the lateness of the hour, the second prize may go to whomever finishes second. If we have enough time (and everyone's sober enough to do it), we'll do another round of races.

    Last Week's Raffle/This Week's Raffle Numbers
    Congratulations to insertfoot for winning last week's raffle! Your prize is one of our =VX9= Decals. You may claim your prize here.

    The number selection this week is 1-30. You have until 11:59 PM Sunday (5/15) to enter a raffle number. The winner will be picked during the following week's DBF post.

    Guys, I am giving you fair notice of this so it doesn't come as a surprise. I will be recording this week's event so I can make some promotional/highlight videos out of it. You have been given fair notice, so don't act surprised during the event when I make mention of it. Also, don't deliberately try to wreck the event for others/be a jerk on-camera just for glory. I will kick you from the event if I catch you doing this.

    Further, any future event that I decide to record will have this warning attached at the bottom, so pay close attention for this.

    Hope to see all of you there! Don't forget the drinks!

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