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    Welcome friends! In the sections below we’ll go over a few quick things to set you on the right path. Including many helpful links, or you can use the buttons at the top of the page. In order to access many areas of the site you must first create a forum account. A member account will get you access to much much more information on applying is below. How To Join Us. To join =VX9= sign up for a forum account Here. Than you have to verify your email address, and finally click Here, to put in your application. (or click on Join Us button at top of the page). In short, =VX9= is an adult gaming community focusing on having a fun time while gaming. We spend our time hanging out, learning about each other, making new friends, having a fun time and being a family. We hang out, and chat through our Teamspeak 3 server, and love to game. We not only play DayZ, but a wide range of other games from arma to world of warships. Want to become a Visitor? Wanting to hang out and have a good time, make some new friends, or interested in joining us? A good place to start would be adding either Lawlikaust=VX9=, WAKA=VX9=, BREECH=VX9=, or Zerbbz, on steam. We will get you into Teamspeak and introduced to a group already having a good time. We ask all of our visitors to abide by the same principles as our members. The basics are no cheating, no glitching, and respect our members and guests. We take respect seriously, we work together to enjoy the game and each others company. We have members and guests from all over the world and from all walks of life, some call their community's clans, we call ours a family. Financial Donations. Enjoy playing with us on our TeamSpeak Server. Want to see an official =VX9= Day Z Server? Want to help make sure they stick around, or show up? Consider making a donation to help cover the costs of game servers, and TeamSpeak 3 Servers. Click Here to be directed to our contribution page.

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