• DBF 3/11/15: Death Races

    Wait. Is it really Friday again already? It sure didn't feel like a long week. O_o

    Anyways, DBF. Yes. That thing. So this week, we're going to be doing Death Races. For those that don't know, it's probably exactly what you're thinking. We get into fast tier 2-3 tanks, race around a map, there's some random surprises, and people die. Yeah....I think that about does it. Well, the short version anyways. The expanded version sounds about like this:

    Everyone joins in a training room and most have tier 2-3 light tanks (the faster the better). They will race a predetermined circuit around the map. Maps will be provided just before the event, and a pace-tank will lead them around once so there's no confusion. Seems simple, right? Not quite. You see, on the other team, you have a Director (usually myself or another DBF assistant [still looking for some more, by the way]) and a handful of....well, let's just say these guys are out to throw random stuff in your faces to make your race as difficult as possible. This could be either by saying "ok, these select racers can shoot for a short time" or by acting like semi-dumb turrets in the racetrack to just being a nuisance to everyone. And you wanna know the best part? There's 4 rounds of this madness! Yes, people will die. Yes, it can be either rage-inducing or rib-crushingly hilarious. No, popcorn is not included - that costs extra. and yes, before you say it, yes LowBridge, this is one of my more thought out posts in a while. Shut up.

    There will be two prizes for it, and they will be given to whomever comes in first and second overall. We have a point system for that, so don't you worry. And for those of you who can't make it, we have a decal for our forum raffle (numbers 1-40 this time, folks).

    Also, congrats to Lothior for winning last week's forum raffle! can stop judging me now, LowBridge.
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