• DBF 2/26/2016 - Fox Hunt

    Yup. Still working on my electrical certification. But a late post is better than no post. Anyways, we're gonna do fox hunt tomorrow. How's it work? Well, have *another* shameless copy-paste. =D

    One player picks a tank to run and hide in. A minute later, an entire team of tanks that are, on average, two tiers higher go to chase him/her. The fox isn't defenseless though. It can shoot back. Prizes are given out based on who can survive the longest.

    As usual, we'll start at 8 PM EST.

    Also, our usual raffle is happening. Numbers 1-30.

    OK, here's my raffle backlog.

    Congrats to Noble for winning the 2/12 raffle!!!

    Congrats to MadDogBlack for winning the 2/19 raffle!!!

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