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    by Published on 10-19-2018 06:12 AM

    Lets have some fun on RS6 for DBF!!!

    DBF!! 10/19/18 9pm est

    Prize this week: 50 OTC, 30 OTC, 10 OTC
    Raffle: Pick a number between 1-50
    Closest number that isn't under wins OTC!!

    Hope to see everyone there!!!
    by Published on 02-23-2018 08:02 AM

    Drunken Battle Friday Vanguard Community Events 02/23/2018 9PM EST

    The Division:

    No event this week.


    No event this week.


    Game Title: Drone and Seek

    Explanation: A small infestation of drones have hidden in the house, can the defenders clear it out?

    Map: Dealers choice

    Mode: Any - Normal

    Operator(s) Required: All Recruits

    Gameplay Information: Once the match starts, all the defenders stand outside the front door for one minute, while the attackers move their drones into the house and hide them. Drones must be able to see a room/hallway area, and must scan constantly to give defenders a hint to where they are.


    This week, our prizes are one game code, one decal, and one koozie.


    Pick a number between 1-150 and the closest number that is not under will win a prize!

    Good Luck!!!

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    After El Sueno, the leader of the Santa Blanca cartel, gained power over the country of Bolivia the Ghosts are called in to assist with dismantling the cartel. Divided into an organized machine the Santa Blanca cartel is brutally efficient at production and distribution of drugs with many ex-military soldiers keeping the operations safe. They keep the locals scared to not interfere but they cannot prevent all resistance. To fight cartel, the Ghosts have been called into action. You will work with the local resistance to bring down the Santa Blanca cartel and bring peace back to Bolivia.

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    Our goal for Vanguard Company is simple: We will be one of the most respected, honored, and feared units in The Division. A part of accomplishing this goal will be upholding our standards and code of conduct with professionalism and honor.

    Each agent, veteran and rookie alike, will have an important role to play in Vanguard Company. As we delve into the game, we will need experts in Combat Operations, Small Unit Tactics, Weapons Training, Intelligence, Item Crafting, and Loot Recovery. You will have a home in Vanguard Company, and your contributions will be appreciated. You will come to rely on your =VX9= Brothers and Sisters, as they will come to rely on you, and it will make us a strong and united company.

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