• DBF for January 1/1/2016 at 9pm EST

    We will be mining ice to get the required material for making not only POS fuel but also fuel to move our assets in and out of Tenal and also feed the beast that provides us boosts. So please join us with some tasty drinks and help make some good memories. Sorry for the late post been a busy week.

    Raffle prizes for this week:

    1st place: Game code
    2nd place: Game code
    3rd place: =VX9=Decal

    Raffle #'s 1- 50
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    Postal Psychosis12/01/19$10.00

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    My 3 X 50" monitors and 1 X 50" TV
    My 3 X 50" monitors and 1 X 50" TV by GenSeneca
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