• DBF for 11/27/2015 At 9:30pm eastern time

    In a move to try and finish our carrier production we will be mining this friday in Zj-QOO. So bring out your barge or exhumer and help us restock on ore and minerals. Haulers will also be needed so if you can fill free to bring a hauler and don't forget your favorite drink. We will also need some people on standby for hostiles and rats if you can't mine. Enjoy your Thanksgiving day and hope to see you here for DBF.

    Raffle numbers for this week are anything between 5-55
    Raffle prizes for this week will be:

    1st Game Code
    2nd =VX9= Decal
    3rd 2 Pack =VX9= Post Cards

    you can claim your prizes at the following google doc.
    Untitled Document
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