• DBF event for 11/13/2015 at 9pm eastern time

    For DBF this Friday we will be doing a PvP roam and looking for trouble. Ship types for this fleet will be t1 frigs, ceptors, AF's, destroyers, dictors, and t3 dessies. That will allow everyone who wants to get in on some PvP the chance to get in. We will form up in [REDACTED] and head out. Please don't bring anything bigger then a t3 destroyer, faction frigs are ok but remember we are out to have fun and either kill or be killed.

    Raffle numbers for this week are anything between 1-50
    Raffle prizes for this week will be:

    1st Game Code
    2nd 2 Pack =VX9= Post Cards
    3rd =VX9= Decal
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