• =VX9= Drunken Battle Friday!

    Get ready for another night of great events. Grab some drinks and play some games with your brothers and sisters of =VX9=!!

    ASTEROID HIDE & SEEK @11pm EST - One team hides while another team does the seeking. When found, the seeker must try to destroy the hiding player(s). Points are awarded to the team for every opponent they destroy. Points are also awarded to hiding players who remain undetected for at least 8 minutes. For more info or to enter their raffle, check out their DBF topic.

    WILD, WILD WEST @ 9:30pm EST - Think you have what it takes to come out on top in a duel? If so, meet at the clock tower in [REDACTED] with magnum + ammo, cowboy hat and plaid shirt. Event will be held in ladder style. Check out the Omega DBF topic for more info and to enter their raffle.

    ICE DESTROYER @ 9pm EST - Join the fleet this week to help the corporation build up fuel reserves for use POS and Jump Freighters. Goal is to completely wipe the belt out. If that happens, the remainder of the event will focus on ratting. Check out the Phoenix DBF topic for more info or to enter their raffle.

    MAGEN'S BIRTHDAY BASH @ 8pm EST - The event(s) for Zulu will be picked by Magen on Friday, but drop ins will be taking place before the event kicks off. So come out and enjoy your Friday night with Zulu. Check out the Zulu DBF topic for more info or to enter their raffle.


    We have 1x decal, 2x game codes to hand out this week

    Guess a number between 1-30. Numbers closest to allocated prize will win, tie breaker goes to lowest of the two numbers.

    Have suggestions or ideas for a DBF event or contest? Don't hesitate to reach out to myself or your divisional Special Events Coordinator.

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