• =VX9= Newsletter - August Edition

    =VX9= Newsletter August Edition

    Come check out the =VX9= Newsletter for August! We're excited to bring new stories and news each month! In this Edition we talk about:

    Monthly, State of the Community

    Company Update/Spotlight: Omega Company

    Member of the Month for Omega Co: Buckwi1d

    =VX9= History

    Game Updates: ARK, RUST, World of Warships

    Read the Newsletter here! Or click the tab at the top that says Newsletter
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    1. Uncle Si's Avatar
      Uncle Si -
      Yay go Omega, and Buckw1ld
    1. Von Reinthaler's Avatar
      Von Reinthaler -
      Looks great, guys. Thanks for the hard work!
    1. Wesker's Avatar
      Wesker -
      Great work guys!
    1. Conspiracy's Avatar
      Conspiracy -

      nice job yall!
    1. LowBridge's Avatar
      LowBridge -
      holly hell what a great job on this news letter... fantastic job!
    1. Oopsidied's Avatar
      Oopsidied -
      Awesome job!
    1. Starshine's Avatar
      Starshine -
      This was a great read! Well done and congrats Buck!
    1. Stankyl3g's Avatar
      Stankyl3g -
      Looks good, thanks for the Rust coverage!
    1. Kindbud's Avatar
      Kindbud -
      Great read, thank you for all of your hard work.

      ONE TEAM!!!
    1. BigDawg's Avatar
      BigDawg -
      Great job on the newsletter guys! :-)

      and yes, even I was a Sgt. at one time as the pic shows! :-)
    1. Aurum's Avatar
      Aurum -
      You can tell that lots of time was put into this. Very good read. Am happy to see the publicity for Dayz also! Howdy from Omega.
    1. doroboda's Avatar
      doroboda -
      Mega kudos to the author(s) and contributors!
      I learned a lot about the history of =VX9= and of the other company's games.
      Can tell the effort you put into this and it paid off. Very informative!
      Very cool, thank youl.
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