• =VX9= Dunken Battle Friday

    Grab a drink and join us for DBF!

    NIGHT OF KNIVES @ 8pm EST - On a domination match, each knife kill gets you a point and a counter knife gets you two points. Each team will have a winner. Check out the Alpha DBF topic for more info or to enter their raffle.

    PLANETSIDE 2 MADNESS @ 9pm EST - Join the Emerald server as New Conglomerate and squad up for a server stomp. Session points will be ranked and the person with the most points will win a game code! Check out the India DBF topic for more info or to enter their raffle.

    RAFFLE - No event this week but check out the Nova DBF topic to enter their raffle.

    ESCORT THE VIP @ 10pm EST - Escort a fresh spawn to and from the designated points on a high pop server. The first team that takes a screenshot in front of the appointed sign is the winner. Check out the Omega DBF topic where you can find more info and enter their raffle.

    PVP ROAM @ 10pm EST - Grab a PvP fitted ship this week and join the roam around null. Recommended is a cruiser or below fitted for tackle or max dps. Check out the Phoenix DBF topic for more info or to enter their raffle.

    TBA @ Xpm EST - ...

    PLAYERS CHOICE @ 8pm EST - You decide the event this week! Well, you can help decide the event. A vote will take place on the suggested ideas and tanking will be had. Check out the Zulu DBF topic for more info or to enter their raffle.


    We have 1x decal, 2x game codes to hand out this week

    Guess a number between 7-42. Numbers closest to allocated prize will win, tie breaker goes to lowest of the two numbers.

    Have suggestions or ideas for a DBF event or contest? Don't hesitate to reach out to myself or your divisional Special Events Coordinator.

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