• Thunder DBF July 17th (Squad Party and Forum Game!)

    Thunder DBF for July 17th
    Starts at 9:30pm - 10:00 EST

    Squad Parties:
    This Friday we'll be squading up into different squads, and trying to drop into the same game. Also known as Pub Stomping. Want to play in a different Battle Ranking or in a different game mode, that's okay. Everyone that is present in TeamSpeak in any of Thunders Channels will be entered into a drawing at the end of the night for prizes! But it is encouraged that you squad up.

    Prizes: 2 Game Codes
    • Rules:
      • Battle Ranking and Game Mode will be decided by members who are present Friday Night.
      • Any member to show up gets their name entered into drawing, and it doesn't matter if you leave early or show up late.
      • Drawing will take place around 11:30pm EST

    Thunder Companies Forum Raffle with a Twist!
    This weeks for our Divisional Forum Raffle you have to play the game for your number to eligible to win.
    Play the game, and enter a number between 1 and 50

    Name of the Forum Game: Kill the Photo Above You!

    • How it Works:
      • Eager will make the first post.
      • The next person to post has to post a picture of something that will kill what is in that photo, along with his number for the forum raffle
        • If you don't know how to post a picture, just write in what will kill the picture above you.

      • You cannot choose a number that is already taken
      • You can play the game as much as you want, but only your first posted Forum Raffle number is eligible for the raffle.
      • You cannot use a picture of Chuck Norris, as nothing can kill Chuck Norris.

      • If you don't play the game, but enter a number your not eligible for the raffle.

    • Example:
      • Eager posts a picture of a Rock
      • John Doe posts a picture of a Piece of Paper, with his forum raffle number choice.
      • Jane Doe posts a picture of Fire, with her forum raffle number choice.
      • So on and so forth.

    Prize: =VX9= Decal

    Rules of Conduct

    • There will be no casting abusive insults to others over any communications device, ever, to anyone.
    • There will be no cheating accusations directed towards others, over any communications device, ever, to anyone.
    • There will be no use of vulgarity over the text chat in our servers. Violation will be dealt with on case basis, depending on severity.
    • Please try to keep voice chat during DBF to a PG-13 environment.
    • All members are expected to be good sportsmen.
    • Intentional Team Killing is not permitted during events.
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