• =VX9= Drunken Battle Friday!

    Here we go again, grab a beverage and join in on the great events running this Friday!

    THE 300 @ 8pm EST - Spartans using knives, pistols, shotguns and sniper rifles will fend off an onslaught of Persians using any weapon or gadget at their disposal in a game of Rush. No vehicles allowed and the odds are stacked against the Spartans, will they hold out? Best Spartan and Persian will win prizes. Check out the Alpha DBF topic for more info or to enter their raffle.

    TOP GUN @ 9pm EST - Players will join a high pop server and trying to get the highest score over the course of the hour. Any ties will be settled by a duel and prizes go top top two finishers. To enter the raffle for India or keep up on the details, go to the India DBF topic.

    ASTEROID HIDE & SEEK @ 11pm EST - Seeking team will hang out for 2 minutes in the middle of the map while the hiding team finds a good spot to chill. Points for the seekers are gained by killing the hiders. Hiders earn points for remaining hidden for 8 minutes or killing members of the hiding team after being found. Sides will alternate until the game is complete. Check out the Nova DBF topic for more info or to enter their raffle.

    SCAVENGER HUNT @ 9:30pm EST - A list of items will be handed out and players will have 1 hour to find as many as they can. You can work alone or as a duo, 1st and 2nd place take home prizes. Check out the Omega DBF topic where you can find more info and enter their raffle.

    TBA @ ?pm EST - NO INTEL

    FLAK VS JETS @ 9pm EST - This week Thunder is pitting jets against flak tanks. Fly a jet if you are able/willing and for those of you who aren't, grab a flak tank. There will be public practice rounds before the event kicks off and some extra incentive to be there on time. Check out the Thunder DBF topic for more info or to enter their raffle.

    I SPY @ 8pm EST - A team of 3 (1x scout, 2x TD/Arty) will be hunting lower tier tanks. Whichever team performs the best at the end of the event will be the winner! Check out the Zulu DBF topic for more info.


    We have 1x decal, 2x game codes to hand out this week!
    Guess a number between 25-50. Numbers closest to allocated prize will win, tie breaker goes to lowest of the two numbers.

    Have suggestions or ideas for a DBF event or contest? Don't hesitate to reach out to myself or your divisional Special Events Coordinator.

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