• Thunder DBF 7-3-2015 (National Pride)

    Thunder Companies DBF Night for July 3rd, 2015
    Special Events lasting from now until Tuesday July 7th.

    In recognition of America's 4th of July and Canada's Canada Day this week Thunder Company realizes that many of our members won't be online gaming this weekend as they celebrate their Countries Holiday.

    So we'll won't be holding a typical in-game DBF event. Instead will be having special events in the forums. A National Pride contest that has a MEGA DBF Prize Package!

    =VX9= doesn't show any bias for our members nationality. So regardless of your nationality you are eligible to enter the National Pride contest. So as you celebrate, make sure you have that camera ready. And photograph those special moments in your life that make you proud to be apart of your nation. Pick out your favorite and submit it here.

    National Pride Contest Rules:

    • Post a photo showing off how you celebrate your national pride. Again, regardless of your nationality.
    • (Please keep your entries appropriate).
    • Everyone is allowed 1 entry, and everyone that submits an entry is entered to win a DBF Prize.
    • Entry Prizes to be Won via drawing: 2 Game Codes, 1 =VX9= Decal
    • Entries are to be submitted in this thread.
      • If you submit more than one entry, your 1st entry will be the one that is judged.

    • Deadline is Tuesday Night (July 7th)
      • It officially ends when this thread is locked.

    • Grand Prize: MEGA =VX9= DBF Prize Package
      • Prize Package Includes: 1 =VX9= Decal, 1 =VX9= Koozie, 2 Post Cards)

    • How the Grand Prize Winner will be chosen:

    • Winners will be announced July 10th.
    • Unless there is a tie:
      • If there is a tie a thread with a poll will be opened for all members to vote on their favorite. the entry with the most votes wins the grand prize.

    Thunder Divisional DBF Forum Raffle:

    Prize: =VX9= Koozie
    In this thread, post a number between 1 - 100. A Random number will be drawn Sunday Night, and the person who either choose that number or the closet to it wins. If two people are an equal distance away from winning number a coin will be flipped to decide the winner. If two people choose the same number, the person who first posted their number first wins.

    Thunder company isn't the only division having special events and prizes. Check out what the other divisions are doing for this weeks DBF.
    Link to =VX9= DBF Event Listing for July 3rd 2015: Link coming soon
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