• =VX9= Drunken Battle Friday

    Great events and prizes this week, join us for another evening of DBF!

    HITMAN @ 7pm EST - Players will pick 3 members that will be their "hit list" and post the list in the DBF topic. A hit must be completed by knifing but choose carefully because if one of your targets leaves before you complete the hit, you will not be able to complete your list. First person to check off all three players on their list wins. Head to the Alpha DBF topic to post your hit list or to enter their raffle.

    SCREEN SHOT CONTEST @ ALL WEEKEND - Utilize your creativity this week and post a funny screen shot. You can post your entry in the DBF topic anytime between now and Sunday. All entries will be judged Sunday night. Also check out India DBF topic to enter their raffle.

    REC FARM SIMULATOR 2015 @ 11pm EST - Players will be joining public matches trying to earn as much rec as they can during the event. Matches will continue to run for 60-90 minutes, the winner and runner up receive prizes. Check out the Nova DBF topic for more info or to enter their raffle.

    PAINTBALL @ 9:30pm EST - The always popular Paintball event is going down this week. Team sizes will depend on the turnout and the same rules you are familiar with are in place. Check out the Omega DBF topic where you can find the details and enter their raffle.

    [REDACTED] @ 9:00pm EST - A new home is calling so it's time to pack your things, the moving trucks are on their way. Join Phoenix this Friday to assist in the transportation of assets. PvP possible. Escorts welcomed. For more intel, check out the DBF topic this week where you can also find their raffle.

    FLAK VS JETS @ 9:00pm EST - This week Thunder is pitting jets against flak tanks. Dust off those jets pilots and for those of your without jets, grab a flak tank. Name of the game is pretty clear - destruction. There will be public practice rounds before the event kicks off and some extra incentive to be there on time. Check out the Thunder DBF topic for more info or to enter their raffle.

    DUCK HUNT @ 8pm EST - One person in a higher tier tank goes hunting in a specified arena against a team of lower tier tanks. Score is kept by number of kills. First and second place in scores win prizes. Raffle will be held on the forum for the third prize.


    We have 1x decal and 2x game codes for our regular prize pool AND 3x
    Tom Clancy Rainbow 6 Closed Beta Guaranteed Keys that are a bonus prize pool!

    Instead of the usual number raffle we're going to run this differently. To enter yourself in one or both prize pools, use the poll above. Each member has up to two "tickets" they can allocate to the two prize pools. You can focus on one pool thus putting in both tickets or spilt your tickets between the two which lowers your chances but makes it possible to win in either (or both).

    I'll collect the poll results made by 11:59pm EST on Sunday June 28th and enter them into to draw winners.

    Have suggestions or ideas for a DBF event or contest? Don't hesitate to reach out to myself or your divisional Special Events Coordinator.

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