• Special DBF event scheduled 6/26/15 9:00pm EST (04:00 ET)!!!

    Title Operation: "Razor"
    Date/Time: 9:00pm EST (04:00 ET)
    FC: N/a

    Description: Hello all! As a motion of intention to join [REDACTED], we as a corporation will be moving to a highsec entry point into our future null sec home [REDACTED]. As of now, final decisions are being made as to join [REDACTED], but for now; from a logistics standpoint, we have a long road ahead of us. That is why we will be setting up courier contracts to the corporation to move the "important things" closer to the new home. Feel free to contract your items of interest to [REDACTED].

    Requirements for courier contract:
    1. It cannot be a fitted ship
    2. That is all.

    Additional remarks:

    As we all know, we are currently wardec'd. As such, our transportation will need escort. I am recommending [REDACTED] for sheer fact that if these deccer's plan on showing up we will at least have a decently grounded pvp team to fend them off. I personally will be running my own [REDACTED]. If anyone wants to pair with me i can fly an aug and a pvp tackle ship, likely an [REDACTED]. the fleet composition can easily be adjusted per our needs, just make sure you guys show up!

    Raffle Prizes:

    1st-Game Code
    2nd Game Code
    3rd- Decal
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