• DBF 6-26 (Flak vs Jets)

    Thunder DBF for the 26th of June, 2015.
    Starts at 9:00pm EST

    Thunder's 1st Event: Forum Raffle
    In this thread, post a number between 1-50. A random number will be chosen, person who chose that number or closest to it wins! If two people choose the same number, the prize will be awarded to the person who posted their number first. If two people are an even distance away from the winning number, a coin will be flipped on their behalf.
    Prize: =VX9= Decal

    Thunder's Main Event: Flak vs Jets
    That's right, we going to let our War Thunder vets bust out their jets. If only to be shot down by an armada of Flak Tanks.

    Grab your jet if you have one, everyone else get into flak tanks to bring those jets down, as the jets try to take out as many flak tanks as possible.

    We will have a practice match before the official event. Which will be open to the public, and will start around 9:00pm EST. I'm doing this to allow for some recruiting and advertising of =VX9= to take place. Also to start DBF a little sooner to allow for some people to take part even if they can't make the official event match. =VX9= members who make it to the practice match at 9:00pm EST will be eligible for the 2 Game Code prizes.

    Once we have enough people online in the Thunder DBF channel on TeamSpeak and in game, I'll ask for a volunteer to host a new custom game where we will do the official event.

    Two prizes will be given away via random drawing. All participants will be entered into the drawing

    Prizes: 2 Game Codes

    Rules of Conduct

    • There will be no casting abusive insults to others over any communications device, ever, to anyone.
    • There will be no cheating accusations directed towards others, over any communications device, ever, to anyone.
    • There will be no use of vulgarity over the text chat in our servers. Violation will be dealt with on case basis, depending on severity.
    • Please try to keep voice chat during DBF to a PG-13 environment.
    • All members are expected to be good sportsmen.
    • Intentional Team Killing is not permitted during events.

    *Note: I realize that it will never be possible to start DBF at a time that works for everyone. Hopefully these practice rounds will allow for more members to take part.
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