• Ark: Survival Evolved Server - Isla Sorna by =VX9=

    Fellow =VX9= Members, I would like to welcome you to join in on our newest addition of a 40 slot Ark: Survival Evolved dedicated server.
    Our community members that have already joined the server are a good source of help and are also willing to help get you started. So hop on our new server and stake out your claim in this primal and majestic world of Ark: Survival Evolved.

    Server name: =VX9= PVP Isla Sorna
    Server IP:

    =VX9= ARK Server
    Join The Server Now

    Steam Store page:
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    1. Dano's Avatar
      Dano -
      @lVladdog come check out the server man if you get some time.
    1. R3ruN's Avatar
      R3ruN -
      I have this game on my wishlist.. worth buying already?
    1. Big Kahuna's Avatar
      Big Kahuna -
      Oh yeah, we are having loads of fun, but there is still tons of room for improvement.
    1. Dunkelschatten's Avatar
      Dunkelschatten -
      Second that. First time I've played a game like this and I'm having a lot of fun and it would be even better if I had more time to play it! An impressive game for being in alpha, the final release should be impressive unless they totally screw it up.
    1. DiRTyTuRTLe's Avatar
      DiRTyTuRTLe -
      Very cool!
    1. Jack Daniels's Avatar
      Jack Daniels -
      Super worth, it has been fun. And the fact you can tame and ride dinosaurs speechless.....
    1. yurisan's Avatar
      yurisan -
      the game is worth it amazing people fun riding dinosaurs fighting or getting eatin lol
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