• Thunder Memorial Day Weekend DBF 5-22-2015

    Memorial Day Weekend DBF Starts at 9:30pm EST.

    Event 1: Forum Raffle
    Pick a number between 1 - 50, and post it in this thread by 9:30pm EST tonight!
    If you choose a number already chosen, the 1st person to post the number wins.
    Prize = Game Code

    Event 2: Custom Arcade Tanking!
    Two teams will be created by random drawing. Tank teir and battle ranking will be determined by members who are present. Planes will be allowed, but again only at a teir all present members are okay with. Winning team members will be placed in a drawing for the prize.
    Prize = =VX9= Decal

    Event 3: Custom Realistic Tanking

    Again, two teams will b e created by random drawing. Tank/plane teir and battle ranking will again be determined by members present in TeamSpeak. Winning team members will b e placed in a drawing for the prize.
    Prize = Game Code

    Afterwards stick around and we will do some pub stomping. We did this last week and had a blast.
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