• Thunder DBF 5-8-2015

    Welcome to DRUNKEN BATTLE FRIDAY EVENTS!!! 9:00PM EST / 8:00PM CST!!

    Forum Drawing!
    Pick a number from 1 to 50 for our Random Forum Drawing! We will ask during the Tournament for Numbers, BUT if you post them here and now your number is reserved, and you will have a change to win to matter if your present Friday Night.


    Thunder Muster Battle Royal!
    High teir or low teir, we Muster our forces for a custom battle. Bring out your best plane/tank and show off you skills, practice some maneuvers and over all just play the game we all love. As we muster our forces, this time will also be used to discuss what exactly everyone wants to do for the Pub Stomping. Will it be tanks or planes, or even both? Will it be Arcade or Realistic? It's up to you! To win the prize, players will choose a random number and post it in the Custom Chat around 8:30pm EST. A number will be chosen at random and the person closest to the number wins. After that we exit the custom battle for the pub stomping.


    Plane and/or Tank PUB Stomping!
    After our forces are muster, we are going to do some pub stomping! Details to be discussed and determined in the Muster Event. Prize will be given away via random drawing. All names of people in TeamSpeak will be placed in a hat, and chosen at random by Eager Fusillade. This means if you are online you have a chance to win.


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