• For those that haven't heard about Ripper

    Brothers and Sisters,

    Yesterday, Ripper was admitted to the hospital. A few of us have been in contact with his wife and she has asked to let all of you know the progress.

    He went into surgery last night and did very well through the procedure. He is now on the road to recovery, but it will take some time. Every update the Doctors give is better than the last, so that is always a great thing.

    Keep him, and his wife, in your thoughts and prayers, please. We will keep you updated as things progress.

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    1. darkmatter's Avatar
      darkmatter -
      We're going to let him provide what details he is comfortable with when he gets back online.
    1. Edison Severasse's Avatar
      Edison Severasse -
      He is in my prayers. May it be a short road to recovery.
    1. Mac's Avatar
      Mac -
      Here's hoping for a full and speedy recovery.

      The Mac-stravaganza, brought to you by Crapatalk.
    1. darkmatter's Avatar
      darkmatter -
      Ripper got a good night of sleep last night and the doctors are pleased with his progress. Every update we get is better than the last one. The main issue he was admitted for has been dealt with and the doctors say the surgery was a complete success. Now it's all about recovery - he will he in the hospital for another couple of weeks. Hopefully in the next few days he'll be able to get on the forums via his phone & give everyone an update and some details.

      Thank you to everyone for the kind words, thoughts & prayers and keep them up!
    1. Penguin's Avatar
      Penguin -
      He in my prayers. You aint alone Ripper, ONE TEAM!
    1. CactuarsGoRun's Avatar
      CactuarsGoRun -
      Hope it wasnt anything too bad or life threatening...but heres to mang. get rested up and recover soon you gots games to play bro lol
    1. EagerFusillade's Avatar
      EagerFusillade -
      Wow, hopefully it just sounds a lot worse than it is.
    1. Shreeden's Avatar
      Shreeden -
      Thoughts and prayers buddy.
    1. Ge0kolmi0's Avatar
      Ge0kolmi0 -
      Here's to a swift recovery.

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    1. LowBridge's Avatar
      LowBridge -
      just reading this and OMG... please let him know he will be in my families prayers and thoughts as we wish him a fast recovery...
    1. Fatalerror's Avatar
      Fatalerror -
      Prayers for you brother!
    1. Agent Maryland's Avatar
      Agent Maryland -
      Ripper is in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully it's something that's non-life-threatening and that he makes a full and speedy recovery.

      One team.
    1. GreenEyed's Avatar
      GreenEyed -
      Update: Ripper is doing fine today. He's still sedated and the doctors are taking their time, which is good for him.

      His wife says Thank you for all the kind words, thoughts, and prayers! She can see them all on his phone and knows he will love seeing them when he can.

      One Family!
    1. 8Bitties's Avatar
      8Bitties -
      Praying for a speedy recovery and that all is well with you and your family. Feel better!
    1. Rux's Avatar
      Rux -
      Glad to hear he's on the road to recovery!
    1. ForgotN's Avatar
      ForgotN -
      I am praying for him for a speedy recovery and I'm glad to hear he's ok!
    1. Ron L's Avatar
      Ron L -
      Thoughts and prayers are with you buddy!
    1. spanky's Avatar
      spanky -
      Thoughts & Prayers for you and your family Ripper!!!!!
    1. LowBridge's Avatar
      LowBridge -
      thank you for the update and is there anything we can do as a community to help?
    1. darkmatter's Avatar
      darkmatter -
      Right now, other than well wishes and prayers no. He is in the ICU and completely sedated. Once he's awakened and moved to a regular room, we'll find out what we can do for him and pass on an address or hospital name.
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