• Division changes and Assignments.

    With growth comes change. With that said we are currently making some Changes to some of our division and department Positions.

    India Co:
    Penguin has done a great job with India But he is needed in the relaunch of our art department. He will be moving forward to relaunch our signature program as well as other art dept goodies.

    Shreeden will Be stepping in as the New XO of India. He will work closely with me in some new initiatives in the growth of India Co.

    Phoenix Co:
    Griff has done a great job as interm CO of P Co. However law school has him tied up. At this time He will be taking a role as a Second XO in Phoenix and Darkmatter will now take the Position OF CO. He will continue to work closely with Eddisson and Griff in the continued growth of P Co.

    ART Department:
    Penguin will be taking over as the OIC of Art Departmemt. He has many projects ahead of him and will be looking for a few capable artist to assist!

    =VX9= Salute!
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