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    In world of tanks, we offer three in game clans to fit every player style.

    [VX9] was our first in game division. Over the years and time we continued to grow and eventually added [-VX9-]. After time we added [_VX9_] as we continued to grow.

    [VX9] is our Stronghold group. This group is for anyone with at least a tier 6 with an interest to do strongholds.
    [_VX9_] is our competition division. This group is for anyone who wants to do competitions offered by wargaming but not interested in strongholds or clan wars. This group ahs a minimum tier requirement of tier 5 or 6.

    [-VX9-] is for our casual players who either are new, have a busy schedule, or have no interest in competing.

    Talk to one of our Zulu recruiters today to swap or get into one of these awesome divisions!
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