• =VX9= Drunken Battle Friday - 3.12.21

    Start Time: 8 or 9 PM EST (Varies with Company)

    Getting More Into March

    This week's schedule is continuing as usual. Alpha Company is continuing the Battlefield tradition and going to work in our servers and beyond. Not sure what Omega Company is up to this week. They've been quiet for a while, but I usually see them doing.....something? You know how those guys and gals are.. Go ahead and swing by and see what they're up to. India Company, I heard, might be playing Eco this week. Finally, Zulu Company is going to be changing it up slightly and doing a mash of games. They will vote on what to play at the start of DBF, and the night's focus will be on that!

    DBF is all about relaxation, so if you have a shoutout or something you would like to add for next week's DBF post, let us know through a PM or through Discord and we'll feature it in the Shoutout Corner at the end of each of our weekly posts! Just remember - keep it relatively tame. I don't wanna regret putting it up.

    Our OTC raffle continues, so let's get started again! Raffle numbers this week are 50-90

    Hope to see everyone there! Bring the drinks, and remember those who are currently dealing with serious real-life issues!

    Shoutout Corner

    I've got one this week, folks! This one from @ScaryT

    Almost every week since I joined I've seen @Army AI posting WoT tourney information for Zulu Company. I want him to know I and others here appreciate what he does for us..

    Last week's raffle winner is here, of course, as always. The Winrar: @Diffuse

    Remember, if you have a shoutout, send me a message or get in touch with me, and I'll include it in next week's post!
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      Commander_Blitzleader24 -
    1. ScaryT's Avatar
      ScaryT -
      77 this week
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      DogMonster -
    1. ArmyAl's Avatar
      ArmyAl -

      Thank you @ScaryT for the shoutout
    1. ScaryT's Avatar
      ScaryT -
      You're welcome bud, but this isn't the current DBF post! Comment your number in this one for a chance to win
    1. ScaryT's Avatar
      ScaryT -
      Ope, you already have. Nevermind then.
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