• =VX9= Birthday Special Weekend!


    That's right, folks! This weekend is our special =VX9= Birthday Celebration! It has been 20 wonderful years, and
    what better way to pass the time than celebrate by playing games, drinking ourselves into a coma, and hanging out
    with all of you wonderful comrades? I can't think of much either, so let's all do that!

    Just as a recap, here's our poster:

    Starting Tonight....

    We have poker beginning tonight to officially kick off our weekend party! There will be plenty of prizes and fun to be had, so be sure
    to join everyone at 8 PM Eastern time in our dedicated Teamspeak Channel!

    Each day this weekend we will have scheduled festivities, with random events scattered in between! Be sure to keep an eye on @SubOhms,
    especially on Discord, since he may drop a few hints from time to time about other events going on!

    Be sure to bring the booze, OTC, and your pants* for a great time this weekend!


    *: Pants Optional, except where required by law**.
    **: That, too, is technically optional.

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      Happy Birthday =VX9= ONE TEAM
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