• =VX9= State of the Community: June 2020

    My =VX9= Family. I wanted to open this address with reminding you how important you are to our community. You all are the life blood that flows through the veins of what gives this home, life.

    We as a community through the years, 20 to be exact this October. have gone through our roller coaster ride of ups and downs. We have survived the test of time. and endured all hardships and challenges thrown at us. This all has been made possible by the great members we call family. We as a family have remained loyal and dedicated to our core values. This is what has made us a great community for 20 Years. These are the same reasons we will be here for another 20.

    I have had the honor and pleasure of being Commanding officer of this community for 18 years . I Can honestly say it feels like it has gone by very quickly. Ive witnessed the Upswing and the down swings. I have seen members stay and members go. I have witnessed and taken part in what a bunch of internet pals can do when tasked to help another . I have been here for the loss of friends way to early in life. We have had friends go slowly to the end but chose to spend some of their last days on earth with us as a family. This community has become such an everyday part of my life over the last 20 years that their isn't a moment this community isn't on my mind. . As CO I have seen this community grow from its infancy to where it is now. I have stood proud of the accomplishments that as a community and individuals we have accomplished. Not just for our community but in our personal lives. We have seen brothers and sisters go from Single to Married. From no kids to 3 kids. We have been here for each other through the good and the bad. And will continue to be here to share , love and support.

    Family to me means to love one another beyond our faults and mishaps. To find the good in each other and walk each other through the bad. Through my years I have had the opportunity to help people in our community Wether it be emotionally or Financially. Together with our members we have done great things. I also have been the recipient of The same generosity and goodwill that we preach here. A few years back I found myself in deaths bed. I was 30 min away from saying good bye to this great earth had my wife not been so persistent to go to the ER. ( Ok she kicked my ass all the way to the hospital lol) I will save you all the details but I spent a month in a hospital 6 of those days in a coma. Now being that we were put of town and no where near family. My wife was a bit by herself and with all she was dealing with it was a tough going. However our =VX9= Family once again stepped up and into gear and made sure she was taken care of . We didn't ask them too and they all know We financially didn't need them to. Yet it wasn't about that It was about family taking care of family. When I came to and was told of some of the great things my =VX9= Family had done . I wasn't surprised. I was forever Thankful but not surprised As We have been building something special here. We have for many years made this home more then just the games we play. We have been welcoming and building family for many years now and will continue to do so moving forward.

    So Back to the roller Coaster. We are currently in an upswing. Climbing the tracks going back up. The gaming environment has changes so much through the years that we have had to reinvent and adjust the way we advertise and recruit. The exciting thing about a community like this is that everyone and anyone that wants to grab a hammer and help build is welcome. We will find something for you to do. We have many needs and like any community We need you to help fulfill those needs. We have a saying in =VX9=. =VX9= is what you make of it. This hold true today. Our community is our community it belongs to all of us. We all call this place a home and like any home we all do our part to keep it flourishing and being a comfortable home for not just us but everyone that joins down the road.

    We want to do our best to get back to some of the things that made us great . I think a big part of that was some of the unique things we have in our community. Many that have been replicated by other communities. We for many years have been the standard to which other communities have compared themselves too. This in itself is a compliment . With that said we ant to get back to Our forums. I know that with the introduction of discord our forum activity came to a slow trickle. We are making efforts to change that again. We will still use discord as it is here to stay . It is how most gamers communicate in real time. However there is still something to say about a great forum and web page. People find us by our web address . The first thing they see about us is our web page. So we are currently working on revitalizing some of our Awards and acknowledgements on the forums . As well as modernizing our intro video and over all look and feel. We are in need of some of you Digital artist and Video editing genius out there. So please hit us up, We need you!

    We are also looking with in our current membership those that want to help with recruitment and publicity. These are important roles in the growth of our community. Any interest please hit me up via DM and we will do our best to get you started.
    In the coming weeks we will be posting a full description of the positions in =VX9= so that all of our members know exactly what some of these positions entail , They may peak your interest. Recently I was asked what can I do to grow in our community to get to the point to where im influencing the direction of our community then just gaming. This si what these positions are for. the more you get involved the more you do. The more you make of what you do . That is how you get to someday be an Officer in or community. Trust me when I say this we will reward effort and dedication. As that is what keep us going.

    Our community is doing great and will continue to do great. We have good people in the right places to help insure that this community will be here for 20 more years. Our Leadership is strong and will continue to lead from the front. I has been an honor to lead this community . I hope I have served you well this far. As I will continue to do so into the next 20 years. Thank you for your trust , dedication and loyalty .

    I want to close with a simple Thank you to all who have helped make this home a home. Your dedication and efforts to continue to help our community grow will never go unnoticed. Thank you for everything you do.

    =VX9= Salute!
    Commanding Officer of =VX9=
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    1. Destry's Avatar
      Destry -
      Great words @Ripper , although I'm "old" I will help in anyway I can to continue the legacy of the =VX9= Community.

      ONE TEAM
    1. dancingbulldawg's Avatar
      dancingbulldawg -
      Well said! One team!
    1. Rux's Avatar
      Rux -
      I don't game much anymore as life has taken me in a different direction, that being said I still get on forums every day to check things out and of course I do my best to handle the birthdays here and elsewhere. =VX9= is part of my routine in my day to day life, a good routine, a fun routine, even though I don't tank as much as I used to I still look forward to coming on the forums every day and looking around to see what's happening. This community is a great place to be, like any place that's built on friendship, I look forward to the future and thanks to everyone who puts in the effort to keep this place going and to all those folks who treat this community with the respect it deserves.

      One Team!
    1. AnchorSnake's Avatar
      AnchorSnake -
      I'm Home, feels like the Chiefs Mess, where do I hang my coffee cup. One Team!
    1. Dano's Avatar
      Dano -
      awesome! Thank you Rip! ONE TEAM
    1. ClericSandman's Avatar
      ClericSandman -
      Well said Top. One Team, One Killing Machine. Happy to be a part of this family. Cheers to many more years indeed!
    1. Kindbud's Avatar
      Kindbud -
      One team!!!
    1. Shreeden's Avatar
      Shreeden -

      Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
    1. ArmyAl's Avatar
      ArmyAl -
      Thank YOU Rip for keeping all of this together so that we can enjoy it.
      One Team, One Killing Machine.
    1. SubOhms's Avatar
      SubOhms -

      Looking forward to the next 20 years!
    1. Starshine's Avatar
      Starshine -
      One Team, baby!!!
    1. SatansAce's Avatar
      SatansAce -
      Thank You Ripper and Everyone in =VX9=. Without this community, I would of been lost. Glad I found such a wonderful bunch of folks. ONE TEAM
    1. PapaBear's Avatar
      PapaBear -
      I've been around for a lot of these SotC messages. Pretty much all of them, in fact. =VX9= has become a very significant part of my life. It has come a very long way from the place it was when I first started coming around about 18 years ago. I've been a part of many changes around here. I've seen a whole lot of people come and go. I've seen members get married; I've seen members have children (including one of my own); and I've even seen some members' children grow up to become =VX9= members themselves.

      I am very thankful for all the members over the years who have made =VX9= what it is. I'm grateful for everything that the Officers and other Leadership do to keep this place running. And I'm especially thankful to Ripper for leading this Community in the direction it has come.

      I was never looking for what I found here, but this place continues to make me proud every year.

      ONE TEAM!!!
    1. Pillbox13's Avatar
      Pillbox13 -
      I am new and just happy to find good harted people to game with when i can. Love to all..
    1. MusiTheProtogen's Avatar
      MusiTheProtogen -
      I may have come in a bit late, but I did read this when it was initially posted. That was well said for the things I've heard about this group so far! If you guys need some more graphics people, or some animation shizz, keep me in mind! I don't mind helping out at all, also considering I lost my whole portfolio to a hard drive failure. Stay awesome, boys.
    1. spanky's Avatar
      spanky -
      One team!
    1. TinyMarine's Avatar
      TinyMarine -
      Very Happy to be here! ONE TEAM!
    1. Destry's Avatar
      Destry -
      I've been here since the start of the Division 1in February 2016. I've thoroughly enjoyed the love and comraderie from the =VX9= Community. Although I'm an old fart, you have given me help and friendly advice and guidance during the journey. Many thanks and God Bless !!
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