• =VX9= Drunken Battle Friday - 6.26.20

    Start Time: 8 or 9 PM EST

    New Faces, Same Places.

    Good afternoon all! I know it's a little on the late side, but a two-year-old takes up a fair bit of time. Anyways, we're gonna keep this rolling! Zulu has a bunch of new recruits, so we're giving a special shoutout to all the NewFaces out there! Welcome to your first official DBF! Take a look around, and remember: it's all about the fun.

    This week, it's a little more of the same, but a little different. This week, Alpha Company is doing even more Battlefield shenanigans, so give them a drop if you wanna get in on that. Omega Company just saw a new patch drop for Deadside, so you're welcome to go explore with them! India Company is, once again, playing Elite Dangerous. It's almost like you guys are addicted to that game or something.... Ahem....anyways, go check it out if you want to scream into the empty void of space. Who knows? Sub might come along to tow you home. (That is how it works, right Sub?). Finally, Zulu Company is hosting a dual DBF. This week, WoT is getting down with an in-game Duck Hunt, a game that I had to dust off the shelves for everyone. WoWS is...well, doing things. It's kind of a wild west when it comes to figuring out battlebotes, but we'll have something for you. That's what we've got for this weekend so far! Other companies may be running events, so be sure to keep your ear to the ground for whatever they've got!

    DBF is all about relaxation, so if you have a shoutout or something you would like to add for next week's DBF post, let us know through a PM or through Discord and we'll feature it in the Shoutout Corner at the end of each of our weekly posts! Just remember - keep it relatively tame. I don't wanna regret putting it up.. We have another shoutout this week, and as far as I know, our 4th of July Raffle is still ongoing, so check out details below!

    Oh. Almost forgot. This week let's raffle off some OTC. Pick a number between 1-50 and I'll announce winners next week!

    Hope to see everyone there! Bring the drinks, and let's forget about the world for an evening!!!!

    Shoutout Corner

    Got a new shoutout for you bunch this week. This one comes courtesy of @dancingbulldawg, who has a message for a one @ScaryT:

    Just wanted to shout out to Scary. He's been getting so many new recruits and pitching in since he got here, and I really appreciate it!

    Also, we have our winner from last week's raffle:


    Remember, if you have a shoutout, send me a message or get in touch with me, and I'll include it in next week's post!
    Don't forget, =VX9= is raffling off a 1080 TI graphics card for the 4th of July celebration this year. Go check out the details on our official Twitter page!!!

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    1. SubOhms's Avatar
      SubOhms -
      Woo! I won! Im'ma keep 12 this week. It's a good number!

      By the way, we will be supporting another gaming group in their war against a common enemy over the next 3 days in Elite: Dangerous. Feel free to drop by and blow up some ships and earn some bounties with us!
    1. ScaryT's Avatar
      ScaryT -
      7 this week

      Thank you for the shoutout dancing, I'm happy to see a rush of new recruits in Zulu following me joining.
    1. dancingbulldawg's Avatar
      dancingbulldawg -
      Your welcome!

    1. Skrem's Avatar
      Skrem -
      44 for me!
    1. Enderdrp's Avatar
      Enderdrp -
    1. Blosh_It_Up_'s Avatar
      Blosh_It_Up_ -
      "Thirty-seven?? In a row??"

      -Customer, "Clerks."
    1. Blosh_It_Up_'s Avatar
      Blosh_It_Up_ -
    1. DarkFireWolfe57's Avatar
      DarkFireWolfe57 -
      I’ll go with the number 2
    1. Zarnicolas's Avatar
      Zarnicolas -

    1. ArmyAl's Avatar
      ArmyAl -
    1. MusiTheProtogen's Avatar
      MusiTheProtogen -
      Let's go 21 and see how that goes!
    1. Ratt35's Avatar
      Ratt35 -
    1. Commander_Blitzleader24's Avatar
      Commander_Blitzleader24 -
    1. War_God_Rudianos's Avatar
      War_God_Rudianos -
    1. Dano's Avatar
      Dano -
    1. Perogy7's Avatar
      Perogy7 -
    1. Wild_Bill_Peacock's Avatar
      Wild_Bill_Peacock -
    1. AnchorSnake's Avatar
      AnchorSnake -
      I'll Take number: 15
    1. AnchorSnake's Avatar
      AnchorSnake -
      See above
    1. Otrovakruf's Avatar
      Otrovakruf -
      9 for me.
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