• =VX9= Drunken Battle Friday - 6.12.20

    Start Time: 8 or 9 PM EST

    Let's Just go With This.

    Good afternoon all! I'm going to run with this format for a bit, just to see how well everything works for you (un)fortunate readers. If you like this more....detailed format, please let me know. If not, well, still let me know. I need feedback to know how things are going to work. Also, working on some more DBF graphics, so stay tuned for some updates in the next few weeks!

    This week, we've got a handful of events going on, just like before Alpha Company is continuing their curbstomp parties in BF3, both on and off our servers. While India.....not gonna lie, I honestly had to look up what India Company was doing this weekend. This week they are getting involved with Jackbox Party, so it sounds like there's quite a bit of fun to be had if you're wanting....well, a party. Omega Company is diving back into more open-world shenanigans in Deadside, so go check that out if that's your thing. . Zulu Company is doing the same dual DBF as we did last week due to everyone and their cat partying with the India crowd. We're going to be diving into subs for WoWS and Hardcore Hide and Seek for WoT. Each forum has a respective post up, so go and check them out!

    DBF is all about relaxation, so if you have a shoutout or something you would like to add for next week's DBF post, let us know through a PM or through Discord and we'll feature it in the Shoutout Corner at the end of each of our weekly posts! Just remember - don't make it something I'll regret posting. We have our first shoutout, along with our ongoing raffle news down below. Also, scroll on down and see if your name was picked for the Special DBF Raffle last week! If you won, I'll be in touch shortly, so check your PMs!!

    Oh. Almost forgot. This week let's raffle off some OTC. Pick a number between 1-40
    and I'll announce winners next week!
    Hope to see everyone there! Bring the drinks, and let's forget about the world for an evening!!!!

    Shoutout Corner

    I kinda feel guilty posting this one, since it's pointed specifically at me, but I'd catch heat for not putting his thing here, so here's what Sub has to shout out this week:

    I wanna make a shoutout to CW5.LightningWaffle=VX9= for his tireless effort outside of the game in his model making. If you look, he's made many beautiful models, and is currently working on a big project for me. He's building a 1:350 scale model of the ship I served on, and is constantly providing updates for me and it's very exciting to get every message! Thank you Lightning! You're awesome!

    Also, we have our three winners from last week's raffle:


    Remember, if you have a shoutout, send me a message or get in touch with me, and I'll include it in next week's post!
    Don't forget, =VX9= is raffling off a 1080 TI graphics card for the 4th of July celebration this year. Go check out the details on our official Twitter page!!!

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    1. SubOhms's Avatar
      SubOhms -
      12 is my number this week!

      ONE TEAM!
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      Static -

      One Team!
    1. acidic's Avatar
      acidic -

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    1. ScaryT's Avatar
      ScaryT -
      7 for me.
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      ArmyAl -
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      dancingbulldawg -
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      johnnunn97 -
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