• Drunken Battle Friday - 6.5.20

    Start Time: 8 PM EST

    This is a test. I think.

    Good afternoon all! You may notice everything following this is a little different than normal. That's intentional. I'm running a few tests to see what we can come up with here. So don't mind the dust - it's a feature. Just....don't breathe too deep.

    Anyways, I'm glad everyone is doing OK. Or at least, I hope you are. With all world events considered, I know everyone needs a break every now and again. To that end, we're gonna crank it up a little bit this weekend with a couple extra prizes that I've been sitting on for a bit. This weekend, our Official DBF Forum Raffle™ will have not just one, but three prizes up for grabs, in addition to some OTC! All you have to do is post a number between 1 and 100 here in this post thread, and you'll be entered into the drawing for either a =VX9= Koozie, Sticker, or an official patch! Drawings will go through this Sunday (5.7), so be sure to get your numbers in! One prize per person though, so just remember that. =P

    This week, we've got a handful of events going on. Alpha Company is kickin' it in BF3 this weekend, either in our own server or pubbin' around in other servers. India Company is playing Elite Dangerous this week, as they have been (you guys must really like that game, huh?). Omega Company is hosting a PvP tourney in Deadside, with the prizes for the tourney being in-game currency. Zulu Company is hosting a dual DBF - one event for WoT, and one event for WoWS. WoT will be playing Hardcore Hide & Seek, and WoWS will be bullying people in the Submarine game mode this weekend. All companies also have their own forum raffle as well, so go make sure to enter a number in your company's DBF thread, too!

    DBF is all about relaxation, so if you have a shoutout or something you would like to add for next week's DBF post, let us know through a PM or through Discord and we'll feature it in the upcoming Shoutout Corner at the end of each of our weekly posts! Just remember - don't make it something I'll regret posting. Sub, I know you're reading this. Go check out our Shoutout Corner this week for some cool news!

    Hope to see everyone there! Bring the drinks, and let's forget about the world for an evening!!!!

    Shoutout Corner

    This week we don't have any personal shoutouts, but I do want to bring something cool to your attention. =VX9= is raffling off a 1080 TI graphics card for the 4th of July celebration this year. Go check out the details on our official Twitter page!!!

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      46 One Team!
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      @LightningWaffle I feel personally attacked, but I already know what I want my shoutout to be! PM Incoming!

      My number this week is 12!
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      4 oneteam! Onekillingmachine!
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