• 2/21/20 - It's Back, Baby!


    YOU HEARD IT HERE, FOLKS! Drunken Battle Friday has been down and out for a while, but we're back! Papers have been shuffled, the bar has been polished, and it's time to re-open! We'll start swinging this Friday, with the return of prizes, games, community raffles, and a whole host of new stuff! It's not going to be dropped on you all at once, mind you, but we're gonna get this party started again!

    Wait, what's that? Some of you don't know what DBF is? Well, allow me to explain. See, we've had this event for a while, but it kinda disappeared for a while. You see, every Friday we used to get together with our respective companies, play whatever silly games or contests we came up with for that week, shoot the breeze, and get free stuff (prizes)! It's something we've been sorely needing lately, and we're now bringing it back in full swing!

    Oh. Speaking of, if you're interested in helping out with planning your company's Drunken Battle Friday, drop either your company's CO/XO or myself a line, and we'll get you in the right direction.

    Bring on the beer, folks, 'cause this revival will be great!

    Official post with the company events will be posted by Wednesday, 2/19 with this week's details. Stay tuned!

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