• Special DBF 4/5/2019 - In Remembrance of Mike


    This has to be one of the hardest things I have ever typed in my time with this community, but as most of you know, Mike passed away in his sleep Monday from a sudden heart attack. Mike was not only a very active member in zulu Company, but an active member in the community at large. He did a lot of work behind the scenes as well as in front, and was a warm face here in Zulu. His sudden passing is an absolute shell-shock for everyone here. So instead of our normal DBF activities, this Friday's DBF will be our own in-house memorial service for Mike.

    We will spend the night doing things Mike's way. We will play the games he played, and if able, play the things he liked to play in those games. We'll spend the night talking about him, and how he was, and sharing our memories and stories of our time with him. We will drink in his name and make sure that he is not forgotten. The community remembers its own, and Mike was definitely an amazing person among us. If you have stories to share, we will have a formal session before the official games begin, so if you want to air it then, you can. If not, we can talk throughout the night about it.

    All companies are welcome to attend, and it will not be limited to just Zulu games. We will honor Mike in all of our own ways, and deal with it together.

    May he rest in peace, and never be forgotten.

    DBF will start at 8 PM EST.
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