• Shadow DBF 4.5.19 (Zulu)

    Drunken Battle Friday - 8:00PM EST


    Remembrance of Mike
    Hey all, this is going to be a different type of dbf.

    anyone in Shadow Company, this coming Friday, if you want to, head over to Zulu Co. and join in on remembering mike.

    this is from LightningWaffle posted on discord.
    '' Hey everyone (can't tag everyone unfortunately), instead of our usual DBF tomorrow night, Zulu company will be hosting a memorial night for Mike. We will spend the entire night doing things Mike's way, playing the things he loved, and remembering him for who he was and what he meant to us. It is not just a Zulu company event, so everyone is welcome to come and remember him. We will start at 8 PM EST. If you feel so inclined, bring your drinks as well, and we will drink in his remembrance. ''

    Raffle will be from Friday until Monday
    I will call the raffle winner on Tuesdays!

    Raffle this week will be between 1 and 100
    Prize for this weeks raffle is a 30 OTC!
    Please Post a numbers for a chance at each prize!
    In the event of a duplicate post, first post wins.
    In the event of a tie Lowest number wins.

    get em'

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