• Happy New Year My =VX9= Family!

    As 2018 draws to a close . I look back at what was an interesting year for us as a community.
    We def had some down points that we had to fight out of. from Low member Numbers and participation to just stagnant games. However in true =VX9= Fashion we are still standing and still swinging away at whats left of 2018.

    I want to wish you all a very happy new Year. I pray that you and yours find good health and prosperity in the coming year.

    I want to say Thank you to all of you who stayed the course with us and fought not only through shit games but low numbers. to get us back on track to prominence. I am happy to say that we are ending the year out on some great notes.
    Our numbers are up on a daily basis and we are starting to play better titles as a community. It truly is feeling like the old days around here and for that I want to say thank you to all of you!

    This community is such a great place for so many of us. Its a daily home and hangout . It is a place that we come to not only get away from the daily ho hum of our lives but to enjoy time with friends from all corners of the world.

    Thank you all for making this community such a special place for all. I have been here for 18+ and It has been a great 18 so far. The key ingredient to success for a community like our is you! You all make the difference in what makes us special . You guys are why we have been here so long and will continue to be. So again Thank you. Thank you all for everything you do.


    Al "Ripper" Ibarra
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    1. Ripper's Avatar
      Ripper -
    1. WarChick's Avatar
      WarChick -
      One team! Happy New Year!!!
    1. o0SubOhms0o's Avatar
      o0SubOhms0o -
      ONE KILLING MACHINE! Well said Rip.
    1. darkmatter's Avatar
      darkmatter -
      One Family! One Team! One Killing Machine!
    1. Shreeden's Avatar
      Shreeden -
    1. ShooterAK's Avatar
      ShooterAK -
      ONE KILLIN' MACHINE! happy new years from the last frontier Alaska!
    1. Tumblin's Avatar
      Tumblin -
      One Team!
    1. Umadchallenger's Avatar
      Umadchallenger -
      One team! Happy new year to all!
    1. PapaBear's Avatar
      PapaBear -
      I started regularly hanging out here in 2002 and officially joined in 2003, and I can say that I 100% agree with "... in true =VX9= Fashion we are still standing and still swinging away ...".

      We have definitely been through some ups and downs (and many more than just 2018), but even though I'm not here as much as I wish I was, this is still my home. Over the years, I've seen countless people come and go. I have seen other communities disband over events that our Community was able to weather. I have personally met many members and am glad I did. I don't know the "secret sauce" that we were able to find, but I'm glad we did.

      There are very few of you that I didn't see during their Rct. tags. There are many names that I have never played with. All of you are still my Team.

      Gaming in general has changed. Players have changed. But =VX9= is still a unique place to be. This is a place that I am extremely proud to be a part of. This is a place that I will be happy to call home until I quit gaming and earn my Retired=VX9= tags.

      Until that day, every one of you will always be my ONE TEAM!!!

    1. SatansAce's Avatar
      SatansAce -
      One Team, Happy New Year everyone. Be Safe Drivers, wish i could still be out there with ya.
    1. Thinner's Avatar
      Thinner -
      One Team 2019!
    1. WalPOW's Avatar
      WalPOW -
      One team.
      Love this place & many of you.
      Truly wish I knew my rct./join date. We didn't keep records back then. Shout out to Hollowpoint for introducing me.

      Let's all make this place kick ass this year.
    1. Destry's Avatar
      Destry -
      Happy New Year y'all, see you in Division 2, maybe Star Citizen if it ever gets done... ONE TEAM !!
    1. Rux's Avatar
      Rux -
      Happy New Year folks!

      One team!
    1. ArmyAl's Avatar
      ArmyAl -
      Happy New Year...all the best for you all in 2019.

      ONE TEAM!!!!
    1. ABEL's Avatar
      ABEL -
      by knowing I have been here 15+ years in =VX9= last 5 years hiding cause of personel reasons.
      Its amazing to see how we all are here as one familie and One team rocking and having Ripper that pulled this community thru all its ups and downs over all those years.

      I want to wish everybody here in =VX9= A happy new year and thx for making this community such a great place.
    1. Zarnicolas's Avatar
      Zarnicolas -
      One Team
    1. Dano's Avatar
      Dano -
      One team!
    1. Flapjack's Avatar
      Flapjack -
      ONE TEAM! And thanks to all for the great events, the fun and the camaraderie! Happy new year and here's to many more years to come!
    1. 8Bitties's Avatar
      8Bitties -
      Happy New Year!! One Team!!
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