• DBF 11/30/18 BFV - Community Event

    Drunken Battle Friday - 9:00PM EST


    Battlefield V
    Join us on Friday for some adult beverages and Sanitšters! Prizes will be handed to the =VX9= members that get the most top squad screens!. I will be keeping track throughout the night and post the top 3 members on this thread. Tracking will be done between 9EST and 11EST

    50 OTC, 30 OTC, 10 OTC

    Forum Raffle this week will be between 1 and 50
    Prize for this weeks raffle is 30 OTC!
    Please Post a numbers for a chance at each prize!
    In the event of a duplicate post, first post wins.
    In the event of a tie Lowest number wins.

    Good Luck!!!

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