• Happy Thanksgiving =VX9=: 2018

    The last few weeks I have sat here in my home office thinking of a great post to write out for Thanksgiving. I let my mind wander back into past years and all the people that have come and gone. All the people that have been a part of this community and in turn a part of my life. So many memories of shared events not just in gaming but life itself.

    Its been a long ride here in =VX9= a ride if I could go back I would take again without question.

    This Thanksgiving I want to give remembrance too all those that have worn our tags. Every brother and sister that has been a part of this great community. Everyone one of you brought something special in your own way and helped make this more then a clan, More then just a place to play games. You all helped make this a community. A home and a place that so many of us love.

    This community isnt about one person , Its not about being the man and wanting to be in charge of something. Its about its members. The people that make this place something special. Does everyone see this no , of course not. We have had people come and have a vision of what they think it should be and we have seen them go just the same way they came in . with their own vision. The big Secret here is an easy one to see and one that I am very thankful for. Its not about one vision and putting your foot down and drawing a line in the sand and saying this is it or else. No the thing in this community is its a vision that is for ever evolving. Forever growing and forever a community vision. That is what makes this community such a great place. Its what I am thankful for the most. The vision that we all see as one. Not one man's vision but a one community vision. That is what makes us work. Its what makes us great and its what makes this a Home for all of those who are wearing our tags or will be in the future. Its your vision. It's our Vision. Its =VX9=.

    I am thankful for this community which has been a part of my life going on 18 years. I am thankful for all of you who have stayed the course with us. Who have built with us , experienced loss, happiness, adventure and over all friendship. Our "little" community continues to stand tall year after year. We may have our ups and downs on the roller coaster of the gaming world. But we are still here. We are still standing and Will continue to. Unity is what has built this community and unity will continue to make it stronger. So as we continue on. We wont fall not because of Ripper, Not because of games , not because of anyone one person. We wont fall because =VX9= Stands for Unity in Community. As long as that remains . Everything/Everyone else can EAD!

    I want to wish you all a happy thanksgiving. Enjoy the time with your family and friends. Love one another and remember that our time on this great earth has its expiration date. But until that time comes enoy it to the fullest.

    From my Family to yours. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for being a part of my life and especially for being a part of this communities journey. I am thankful for all of you.

    =VX9= Salute!

    Commanding Officer of =VX9=
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    1. Kalevel's Avatar
      Kalevel -
    1. Ge0kolmi0's Avatar
      Ge0kolmi0 -
      Well said, Ripper. Proud to be a part of this endeavor for many years now - here's for many more!

      ONE TEAM!

      Oh, and my number is #22.

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    1. WarDaddy's Avatar
      WarDaddy -
      Well said.
    1. McCosh's Avatar
      McCosh -
    1. Lothior's Avatar
      Lothior -
      One team! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
    1. Shreeden's Avatar
      Shreeden -
      One Killing Machine!
    1. AncientOne's Avatar
      AncientOne -

      Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!
    1. WarChick's Avatar
      WarChick -
      10. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
    1. darkmatter's Avatar
      darkmatter -
      Happy Thanksgiving boss! ONE TEAM!
    1. ArmyAl's Avatar
      ArmyAl -

      While this isn't my Thanksgiving Day, your words, coming just after Remembrance Day and Christmas in sight, speak volumes of the camaraderie here in =VX9=.

      Happy Thanksgiving to my southern neighbors.
      May your plates never be empty,
      Your bellies full and
      Your Friends and Family close.
    1. SubOhms's Avatar
      SubOhms -
      Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Americans! And thank you to the rest of our amazing brothers and sisters here. I'm so happy to be a part of the amazing community we have all built. From 1 day members to 17 year members, this is our home.
      ONE TEAM!
    1. Zarnicolas's Avatar
      Zarnicolas -

      One Team
      One Killing Machine
      One Community to Rule them All!

      I am thankful for finding this great community. Just as Ripper has said before, there are ups and downs but having a community that covers everything, means even with a break we can have fun together. Thank you all.
    1. Flapjack's Avatar
      Flapjack -
      Those were inspiring words Ripper. I for one am very glad to have found =VX9= after many years of search. It's what you said yourself. A home. Thanks for making us feel welcome.

      ONE TEAM!

    1. Tumblin's Avatar
      Tumblin -

      One Killing Machine!
    1. Von Reinthaler's Avatar
      Von Reinthaler -
      Happy Turkey Day!

    1. ShooterAK's Avatar
      ShooterAK -
      Happy Thanksgiving!
    1. Rux's Avatar
      Rux -
      Happy Thanksgiving folks!
    1. Kindbud's Avatar
      Kindbud -
      Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

      ONE TEAM!!!
    1. Ripper's Avatar
      Ripper -
      @Kalevel congrats on the win. You win a prize package which includes a koozie, 2 decals and a shot at rippers box. Hit me up on discord for details

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