• =VX9= State of the Community OCT 2018

    Lately There has been alot of rift on social media and im sure in all our daily lives about Politics and blue or red, Vote for pedro or not. I have seen friendships end over this. It got me thinking how crazy the world can get over politics. It got me thinking of how we do thing in our community of =VX9= how we dont discuss Politics , religion and so on in the forums or even Teamspeak for the most part. I started to think how it isnt because we want to control information shared on our forums or TS. But more so hwo we understand that the friendships and bonds we form here have nothing to do with our political views or religious beliefs. But more so just based on People and games and fun and all that comes with this great community we call home.

    We have been here a long time. Going on 18 years now. I have had the honor of being here for most of it. In my years I have seen so much of what I will call rise and fall. Ups and downs. The roller coaster affect. Our Memberships is always affected by this. Whether it be new games , stale games or a lack of games. It has always and probably will continue to always affect or membership Numbers.

    The one thing I have loved about the roller coaster affect is the people riding it with us . You see alot of the same familiar faces on this ride and ever year we add more people who stay the course and understand what this community is about. They get that its more then just the games , it is more then the latest trend. They understand that our community has lasted this long not because of all of the above but because of its one core element. Its members. The members who believe in what this community is and what it has become over the years. The family that it has grown. The environment in which we live in together.

    We have had our share of people who stop in and visist. maybe they stay and maybe they dont. We have had members come and go off to find greener pastures,. Or Build their own "Utopia" . Through our years we have sen plenty of that. However in the end They either come home or they find their own bliss . Either way Our community strives and lives becuase of the core members those who believe in what our community is . They believe that They can be apart of building greater things here or have found a home that is worth staying in.

    As the year draws near to a close. We will see new games come up. Some that we are very excited for. Some that we will be once again welcoming in large nuber of new members. Which is always a great thing. New friends, new games , new fun.. However We will need everyone shelp. We will have a need for recruiters, publicity members. welcomers and of course people playing the game. Playing and making all our new members feel at home.

    Im a bit off today. And my usual long winded post a bit short and maybe discombobulated. However the one thing that i CAN NEVER get wrong is my love for the community I have called home for so many years. A community that has given me great friends inl ife some even best friends. Friends that have seen my personal ups and downs. My life grow and my life come minutes from end. Friends that even without asking personally stepped up and were their for my wife in a time where i was taking a long NAP for 9 days. Friends who stood upa nd protected this community and me from those who saw opportunity to be asshats. You just dont find this anywhere. The Home of ours is unique . Its something special. Its something that as a community we can have around for a very long time.

    It will take a community effort t ensure that we are here another 18 years. So today I ask all of you. If you are interested in assisting in any way or form . Please Hit us up. PM me. Post up and we will get you involved. This is your home as much as it is the guy who has been here 2, 4, 18 years. Our roller coaster is fixing to climb up again and we want to ensure that it has a successful ride. This will take You. The member reading this post asking yourself what Can i do to help.. The answer is Everything and anything. All it takes is speaking up and we will get you involved.

    I want to close with a thank you. Thank you to all who have done so much for us. From our TEch staff to the CO / Xo staff of division and department heads and members. And lastly but never least. To our members who show up and game and hang out day in and day out wether it be on TS or disocrd . You are very much appreciated.

    Commanding Officer of the =VX9=
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    1. o0SubOhms0o's Avatar
      o0SubOhms0o -
      Well said Ripper! One Killing Machine!
    1. Tumblin's Avatar
      Tumblin -
      One Killing Machine!
    1. Shreeden's Avatar
      Shreeden -
      One Killing Machine! This is the best community I've ever been in and I have made some great friends in my years here.
    1. Phoenix's Avatar
      Phoenix -
      One Killing Machine!
    1. Phantom Rogue's Avatar
      Phantom Rogue -
      This is one awesome and inspiring post, thanks for the opportunity to be part of this family!
    1. Lothior's Avatar
      Lothior -
      One killing machine! Let's do this!
    1. Destry's Avatar
      Destry -
      Honored to be a part of the =VX9= Community, ONE TEAM !!
    1. tobiasblack07's Avatar
      tobiasblack07 -
      One Killing Machine!! Well spoken Ripper.
    1. ArmyAl's Avatar
      ArmyAl -
      SIR, One Killing Machine, SIR.
    1. Haus's Avatar
      Haus -
      One Killin Machine!
      =VX9= for life.
    1. Kindbud's Avatar
      Kindbud -
      One killin' machine!!!
    1. ShooterAK's Avatar
      ShooterAK -
      YIPEEEE, One Killin' Machine!
    1. dancingbulldawg's Avatar
      dancingbulldawg -
      One killing machine!!
    1. Rux's Avatar
      Rux -
      One killin' machine!
    1. xeno360's Avatar
      xeno360 -
      one killing machine
    1. PapaBear's Avatar
      PapaBear -
      As one of the few who have been here with you for almost all of those years, I will definitely back you up that there have been some interesting ups and downs. And we are still here.

      ONE TEAM!!!
    1. darkmatter's Avatar
      darkmatter -
      ONE TEAM! This place will always be home for me!
    1. WarDaddy's Avatar
      WarDaddy -
      Though I'm new. I love this community. I couldn't have found a better group of people in my introduction to PC gaming. Even if I am one of the oldest. Better late than never.

    1. twofkbrotal's Avatar
      twofkbrotal -
      One Killing Machine!! Always love being in this =VX9= community.
    1. iTzHoff's Avatar
      iTzHoff -
      One Team!


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