• Rules and Regulations

    Code of Conduct
    The following rules and regulations apply to all =VX9= members.
    These rules are subject to change, or be added to at any time; and if so, an announcement will be made on the =VX9= forum.

    Cheating is not tolerated in =VX9=! This includes past bans for cheating. Violation results in immediate expulsion from =VX9=.

    Two Clanning
    Belonging to two clans that play the same game COMPETITIVELY is not permitted. You are here or there, but not both as it isn't fair to either team.

    Giving information posted on a private =VX9= forum to anyone that doesn't have access to the private =VX9= forum is not permitted. Violation will be dealt with on a case by case basis, depending on severity.

    Age Limit
    =VX9= does have an age limit. which is 18 years old. Lying about your age to become a member of =VX9= is a violation. Rule is grand fathered. Violation results in immediate expulsion from =VX9=

    Wearing of Rank and Tags
    Your rank and the =VX9= tag will be worn in the following fashion on all =VX9= servers, at all times: Rank.?yourgamename?=VX9= There will be no spaces between the rank, your name, and the =VX9= tag.

    • There will be no casting abusive insults to others over any communications device, ever, to anyone.
    • There will be no cheating accusations directed towards others, over any communications device, ever, to anyone.
    • There will be no use of vulgarity over the text chat in our servers. Violation will be dealt with on case basis, depending on severity.
    • All members are expected to be good sportsmen.

    If you can quote our rules, you can follow them!

    =VX9= Rank Structure
    Abreviation Rank Image
    Rct Recruit  
    Pvt Private
    PFC Private First Class
    Spc Specialist
    Cpl Corporal
    Sgt Sergeant
    SSgt Staff Sergeant
    SFC Sergeant First Class
    MSgt Master Sergeant
    1Sgt First Sergeant
    SGM Sergeant Major
    CSM Command Sergeant Major
    WO1 Warrant Officer 1
    CW2 Chief Warrant Officer 2
    CW3 Chief Warrant Officer 3
    CW4 Chief Warrant Officer 4
    CW5 Chief Warrant Officer 5
    2Lt Second Lieutenant
    Lt First Lieutenant
    Capt Captain
    Maj Major
    LtCol Lieutenant Colonel
    Col Colonel
    *Gen Brigadier General
    **Gen Major General
    ***Gen Lieutenant General
    ****Gen General
    *****Gen General of =VX9=

    Levels of Responsibility of Ranks
    This Subject is to define what is expected from each rank.
    • Maj-Gen. usually hold the position of your COs, XOs, and your Department Heads.
    • Capt-Col usually hold the position of your Divisional Officers. They have the Commanding Role such as Team Captains of ladders and Supervisors to lower grade officers. They also have collateral duties such as Recruiting Officer, Technical support, Administration, and are responsible to appoint a divisional Sgt.. They ensure that policy is being enforced.
    • 2Lt-Lt are mainly assistant to your Capt. and are Jr. grade officer in the learning process. But also can take on the role as divisional officers as well. Most of their tasks involve Technical Support (Such as Game Techs and Server Techs).
    • ALL OFFICERS RETAIN THE RIGHT TO EXERCISE THE POWER OF DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY. Note: Remember this is a double edged sword, so don't cut yourself fool.
    • Warrant Officers are technical experts in a specialized field, but are limited duty officers and do not hold a commanding role, nor VOTE ON POLICIES.
    • 1Sgt-SGM are your leading Sgt. They must make sure that everyone below them are following policy.
    • Ssgt-SFC are your Supervisors of your enlisted ranks and often lead teams and matches. They ensure that everyone gets the proper information on match times and server IPs. They also take on collateral duties on the behalf of the Divisional Officer like recruiting and server admin.
    • Sgt are members that fulfill the minimal requirements of collateral duties and contribution.

    Promotion Elegibility Guidelines
    Now, none of these are set in stone, and there are always circumstances and exceptions made at the discretion of the officer corps.
    • Pvt-Cpl is a 1 month period between each rank with some participation required.
    • Cpl-CW5 is a 3 month period between each rank with moderate participation required.

    • ** OFFICER RANKS **
      Officers must be nominated by Admin Staff and approved by =VX9= CO.

    • 2Lt-Capt- is a 3 month period in between each rank with fair participation required.
    • Capt-*Gen is a 6 month period between each rank with good participation required.
    • *Gen-**Gen is a 9 month period between each rank with great participation required.
    • **Gen-***Gen is a 12 month period between each rank with great participation required.
    • ***Gen-****Gen 18 month period between rank with superb participation required.
    • ****Gen-*****Gen is a 24 month period between rank. Must give up your first born.

    Roles Within the Organization
    • The CO of =VX9= is Ripper, who has overall responsibility of the Organization. =VX9= CO responsibility is looking after morale, discipline, and efficiency of the entire organization. He must insure that the orders and tasks given to an individual are being FULFILLED by the OPERATIONAL REQUIREMENTS of the organization. DEPARTMENT OFFICERS IN CHARGE (OIC's) and DIVISION CO's & XO's report directly to the =VX9= CO.
    • The =VX9= XO's are BigDawg, GreenEyed & darkmatter who are second in command. =VX9= XO responsibilities are the same as the CO's in his absence. They speak on the CO's behalf when he is not available.
    • DEPARTMENT OIC's are Officers appointed by the =VX9= CO. Each department is an area of responsibility for the growth and management of the Community.
    • DEPARTMENT OIC's responsibilities are: Personnel assignments, departmental planning and operations.
    • DIVISION CO's & XO's are assigned by the =VX9= CO to command a division.
    • DIVISION CO's & XO's are responsible for the growth and development of their division and personnel assignments within the division.

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