• Command Structure

    =VX9= Command Staff

    Commanding Officer of =VX9=: *****Gen.Ripper=VX9=
    Executive Officer of =VX9=: ****Gen.BigDawg=VX9=
    Executive Officer of =VX9=: ****Gen.darkmatter=VX9=
    Executive Officer of =VX9=: ****Gen.GreenEyed=VX9=

    =VX9= Generals Staff

    *****Gen.Ripper=VX9= ****Gen.BigDawg=VX9= ****Gen.Commy=VX9= ****Gen.darkmatter=VX9=
    ****Gen.Domn8r=VX9= ****Gen.Greeneyed=VX9= ****Gen.Kindbud=VX9= ****Gen.Maniac=VX9=
    ****Gen.PapaBear=VX9= ****Gen.Stryker=VX9= ****Gen.Shreeden=VX9= ****Gen.Spanky=VX9=
    ****Gen.TehShortbus=VX9= ****Gen.Warthog=VX9= ***Gen.Abel=VX9= ***Gen.dancingbulldawg=VX9=
    ***Gen.Dano=VX9= ***Gen.fireseal=VX9= ***Gen.Gimp=VX9= ***Gen.Samurai=VX9=
    ***Gen.WalPOW=VX9= ***Gen.Warpig007=VX9= **Gen.Bravetoaster=VX9= **Gen.Carver=VX9=
    **Gen.Haus=VX9= **Gen.Rux=VX9= *Gen.Dunkelschatten *Gen.Fatalerror=VX9=
    *Gen.Griffith=VX9= *Gen.Lawlikaust=VX9=

    =VX9= Officers Staff

    Col.R3ruN=VX9= LtCol.Ab|es=VX9= LtCol.Lothior=VX9= LtCol.Natgarro=VX9=
    LtCol.SubOhms=VX9= Maj.Arretez=VX9= Capt.Destry=VX9= Capt.Tumblin=VX9=
    Lt.LightningWaffle=VX9= 2Lt.8Bitties=VX9= 2Lt.Carm=VX9= 2Lt.Sic=VX9=

    =VX9= Retired Officers

    ****Gen.Hollowpoint=VX9= ***Gen.Flair=VX9= ***Gen.Jamooz=VX9= ***Gen.VonReinthaler=VX9=
    **Gen.Buckmaster=VX9= **Gen.GenSeneca=VX9= Col.Conspiracy=VX9= LtCol.Gravis=VX9=
    LtCol.Youngblood=VX9= LtCol.Shady=VX9= Maj.Oopsidied=VX9= Maj.northofnowhere=VX9=
    Capt.Logan5=VX9= Capt.RipRock=VX9= Lt.Herpesore=VX9= Lt.Beretta=VX9=

    =VX9= Divisions

    Alpha Company - Battlefield Series

    Commanding Officer: ****Gen.Kindbud=VX9=
    Executive Officer: ****Gen.Domn8r=VX9=
    Executive Officer - Euro Division: ***Gen.Abel=VX9=

    India Company - Miscellaneous Games

    Commanding Officer: ****Gen.Shreeden=VX9=
    Executive Officer: ***Gen.Dano=VX9=
    Executive Officer: LtCol.SubOhms=VX9=

    Omega Company - MilSim / FPS Survival

    Commanding Officer: *Gen.Lawlikaust=VX9=
    Executive Officer:

    Shadow Company - Battle Royale

    Commanding officer: **Gen.Haus=VX9=
    Junior Executive officer: SFC.CounterAttack22=VX9=

    Vanguard Company - Tom Clancy Games

    Interim Commanding Officer: CW4.Phoenix=VX9=
    Executive Officer:

    Zulu Company - Wargaming

    Commanding Officer: ***Gen.dancingbulldawg=VX9=
    Executive Officer (WoT): CW4.War_God_Rudianos=VX9=
    Executive Officer (WoWS): Lt.LightningWaffle=VX9=

    =VX9= Officer Departments

    Administrative Department
    The Administrative Department has oversight over all =VX9= Officer Departments.
    They have the responsibility of ensuring that every department is active and functional.

    Officer In Charge: *****Gen.Ripper=VX9=
    Assistant Officer: ****Gen.darkmatter=VX9=
    Assistant Officer: ****Gen.GreenEyed=VX9=
    Assistant Officer: ****Gen.Kindbud=VX9=
    Assistant Officer: ****Gen.Maniac=VX9=
    Assistant Officer: ****Gen.TehShortbus=VX9=
    Assistant Officer: ****Gen.Shreeden=VX9=
    Assistant Officer: LtCol.Lothior=VX9=
    Assistant Officer: LtCol.SubOhms=VX9=

    Anti-Cheat Department
    The Anti-Cheat Department is tasked with keeping our community CHEATER free.
    They run background checks on new and current members Gaming History.

    AC Mentoring Officer: ****Gen.Greeneyed=VX9=
    Officer In Charge: **Gen.Haus=VX9=

    AC Team:

    Art Department
    The Art Department does all the digital art design for =VX9=.

    Officer In Charge: ****Gen.Commy=VX9=
    Assistant Director:

    Art Team:

    Awards Department
    The Awards Department assigns awards to =VX9= members.

    Officer In Charge: ***Gen.Fireseal=VX9=

    Awards Team:


    =VX9= Gamer Girlz Department
    The =VX9= Gamer Girlz Department is designed to give the females of the
    community a place to call home and allow them to interact with other females.

    Officer In Charge: ***Gen.dancingbulldawg=VX9=

    Morale Department
    The Morale Department is directly involved with community morale, through various projects and events.

    Officer In Charge: **Gen.Rux=VX9=
    Asst. Director: ***Gen.dancingbulldawg=VX9=

    Morale Staff

    Newsletter Department
    The Newsletter Department is responsible for producing the official =VX9= Newsletter for our members.

    Officer in Charge: ***Gen.Dano=VX9=

    Reporter: ****Gen.TehShortbus=VX9=
    Reporter: ****Gen.Warthog=VX9=
    Reporter: ***Gen.dancingbulldawg=VX9=
    Reporter: *Gen.Griffith=VX9=
    Reporter: LtCol.Lothior=VX9=
    Reporter: Lt.LightningWaffle=VX9=
    Reporter: CW3.lurkinwilli=VX9=
    Reporter: CW2.ScaryT=VX9=

    Publicity Department
    The Publicity Department is responsible for promoting =VX9= to the gaming world
    via Forums and other promotional material.

    Officer In Charge: ****Gen.Kindbud=VX9=
    Assistant Officer:

    Alpha Company Publicity Team

    India Company Publicity Team

    Omega Company Publicity Team

    Vanguard Company Publicity Team

    Zulu Company Publicity Team

    Recruitment Department
    The Recruitment Department is responsible for processing recruitment apps and walking
    new members through community procedures, and rules.

    Officer In Charge: ****Gen.Kindbud=VX9=
    Assistant Officer: ***Gen.dancingbulldawg=VX9=
    Assistant Officer: LtCol.SubOhms=VX9=

    Alpha Company India Company Omega Company
    ****Gen.Kindbud=VX9= ****Gen.Shreeden=VX9= *Gen.Lawlikaust=VX9=
    CW5.Smok3d_2=VX9= ***Gen.Dano=VX9=
    CW5.Fallen =VX9= LtCol.SubOhms=VX9=
    Shadow Company Vanguard Company Zulu Company
    **Gen.Haus=VX9= Capt.Destry=VX9= ***Gen.dancingbulldawg=VX9=
    SFC.CounterAttack22=VX9= CW5.Warchick=VX9= Lt.LightningWaffle=VX9=
    SFC.Locksly=VX9= CW4-.Phoenix=VX9= CW4.War_God_Rudianos=VX9=

    Research & Development Department
    The Research & Development Department researches new games. They also
    review proposals for future Game Divisions within =VX9=.

    Officer In Charge:
    R&D Staff:****Gen.Shreeden=VX9=
    R&D Staff: LtCol.NatGarro=VX9=

    Social Media Department
    The Social Media Department is responsible for promoting =VX9= through
    social media, via Video, Twitter, Youtube and Twitch TV.

    Officer In Charge:

    Facebook Officer: CW5.Big Kahuna=VX9=
    Facebook Officer: 1Sgt.BodyCount6996=VX9=
    Twitter Officer: Capt.Tumblin=VX9=
    YouTube Officer:
    TwitchTV Officer: ****Gen.Shreeden=VX9=

    Special Events Department
    The Special Events Department coordinates special events such as DBF and other events for the =VX9= Community.

    Officer in Charge: Lt.LightningWaffle=VX9=
    Asst. Director: ***Gen.Shreeden=VX9=

    Alpha Company:
    India Company: Capt.Tumblin=VX9=
    Omega Company: 2Lt.8bitties=VX9=
    Vanguard Company:
    Zulu Company: Lt.LightningWaffle=VX9=

    Zulu Company In-House Events
    Director: ***Gen.dancingbulldawg=VX9=
    Assistant Director: CW4.War_God_Rudianos=VX9=

    Technical Department
    The Technical Department is responsible for the overall functionality and service of the =VX9=
    Community game servers, Teamspeak server and other technical aspects.

    Officer In Charge: ***Gen.fireseal=VX9=
    Game Server Admin:****Gen.Shreeden=VX9=

    Web and Programming Infrastructure
    The Web and Programming Infrastructure Department is responsible for the overall functionality
    functionality and service of the =VX9= website, forums and back-end systems.

    Officer in Charge: ****Gen.TehShortbus=VX9=

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