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    Welcome to the =VX9= Gaming Community

    Thank you for playing Destiny 2 with us!

    =VX9= was established over 17 years ago and is going strong today with over 1000 active members spanning a multitude of games. We have our own TeamSpeak, Discord, forums and host our own servers. If you enjoy your experience gaming with us please consider joining =VX9= by registering a forum account and clicking "Join Us".


    Join us! October 24th

    Destiny 2 is live on PC!

    Rules and Administrators

    Keep in mind this is a general rule set, please follow the staff's instructions and ask if you have a question.

    • DO behave in a mature manner.
    • DO respect all other players. Trash talking is allowed but personal attacks, racism, etc. is not.
    • DON'T use hacks or extensive exploits. Hackers are not welcome and will be kicked and banned without warning.
    • DON'T accuse others of hacking, griefing, or abuse unless you have proof (recordings, screenshots, live).
    • DON'T impersonate other players especially =VX9= members
    • DON'T post offensive material in signs, chat, or otherwise. No racism, chat spamming, or crude material.
    =VX9= members do NOT attack/kill other members without verbal communication from both sides.

    Questions and Support

    If you see a problem or have a question that isn't listed on this page, feel free to register a forum account and post a thread in our forums.

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